Monday, August 16, 2010

I feel very depressed and I don't know how to?

Something like 11 months ago,I broke up with my first boyfriend.

It seems I've scared him with all the love I've had for him,and it seems he was a bit uncomfortable with that so he stoped liking me.Our relationship was going bad.We barely ever talked and I was living trying to not think about my fear of breaking up.But I couldn't and we ended up separated.

We have had agree on that because I was tired of crying and he didn't want me anymore,or he did but he just couldn't.

Since then I have tried to live my life to the fullest.I didn't think of him much but somehow my feelings are starting to come back.I think that whenever I thought about him this past 11 months,I felt something for him and when I knew he was with a new girl(she's his ex now),I felt bad for me and happy for him.

I tried to let a boy who liked me date me,but last night I realized it won't be any good to us if I just use him.

Last night I saw my ex boyfriend at a concert and he hugged me very tight to him and we talked just for a bit because we had nothing to say.I felt extremely happy but then I realized that we live a bit far away from each other and I started to feel sad,what I didn't think would happen.

I couldn't think of anything else but him last night after I saw him.

We met a few times in that concert and I tried not to tell him anything and now I feel depressed.

Because I think I still like him a lot,maybe even love.By the way,after our break up we remained friends and I didn't tell him how bad I felt all those months because I didn't want anything awkward to happen,so I lied and told him he was not breaking my heart or something.

How can I win him back?Or how can I totally forget about him?

Thanks for the help and comments.I feel very depressed and I don't know how to?
Think positive! Everything will be fine. All you need to do is trust your instinct and of course love your self first before other does. The best way to heal the wounds is to find a venue where you can focus your attention and time, with that, you will be able to forget what happen in the past and move on. Love your self, you must love your self by giving importance of your beauty and confidence. Find something that will keep you busy and away from thinking about the past. Move on. Everything happens for a good reason.

If you're really meant for each other, it will happen at the right time and the right place. However, if you're not really for each other then it's time to accept it and move on. You deserves someone better than him. Prayers can help a lot. Good Luck.I feel very depressed and I don't know how to?
You can't totally erase him, but you can try to move on.

Join a club at school, make new friends in class or work. The only way to forget him is if you find a new boyfriend.

PS- Your question does not belong in weddings.
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