Monday, August 16, 2010

How can I deal with my boyfriend wanting to have sex with me? I only want love.?

I've been in a loving relationship with my 21 year old boyfriend for 2 and a half years (I'm 20). He's an amazing guy, friendly, outgoing, caring and loving. The only problem with him is in the past month he's been saying sexual things to me in a flirty and casual way. Like that he wants to explore my body orally and that he wouldn't mind seeing me naked for the first time. He's not too fussed by intercourse though.

I've always kept our relationship non-sexual, casually rejected his handful of advances and changed the subject when he gets sexually flirty like he is now. He's always been respectful of me not wanting our relationship to have a sexual component as I don't have any desires or curiosities for it but now he's saying these things and I don't like it at all.

I'm not necessarily waiting for marriage and I'm not religious. What can I do to cope with him being like this? It bothers me alot. I want love, not sex.How can I deal with my boyfriend wanting to have sex with me? I only want love.?
its the age of sex for him...

well even though u say that everything is going great that is a normal thing for a guy..

if he didnt do anything too sexual then u will want him to be sexual sometimes lol

its kinda weird but i think thats how it is....u dnt want a super bad boy or a too nice so yeah it depends....

i think he is just being like that bcuz he knows u and he really trustes u...i even did that with my girl lol

yet later she thinks that its all i want which is not true...

then he will just be his own self again....

its just a period of time when a guy is always in a sexual way lol

well yeah good luck :)How can I deal with my boyfriend wanting to have sex with me? I only want love.?
Relationships are made up of two parts, the physical and the mental. By not having sex or doing anything sexual you are effectively not in a complete relationship, just like having a relationship for only sex is empty, so is having it for only love. Sexual things are part of love as you want to experience intense pleasure with a close partner. I would reexamine your values.
The thing about most relationships is that sex is a very important issue.

your bf seems to be perfect but guys like to have sex and its their way of loving.

I feel that after 2 years, you guys should be open to other things.

Start from him pleasing you orally (u are not doing the real thing)

Then if you like it, move on to the real thing.
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be strong and continue to say no

if he keeps pushing it after that

reevaluate if he's long-term material
If you don't want it then continue to say no... be strong and do what your doing and all that jazz

But i can kinda understand where he is coming from too, he is 21 at the height of his sexual desires (I just did this in health psychology in college)... I always believed sex and love kinda go together. After 2 and a half years Im sure you have pretty strong feelings for each other maybe explore a little it may step the relationship up a level too??

hey i'm back i'll give you different options this time... you can choose one or not...

1. if you two are planning marriage tell him to wait

2. if you two are just together to be together... give him what he wants

3. if you think he's gonna leave you after he gets sex... well he would have tried to have sex as soon as your relationship started and would be long gone by know so that means he won't leave you and you should get over it

4. do some ';stuff'; just not sex

5. go home and cry 'cause you really don't know what to do

soooooo.... yeah i guess have fun deciding what to do :)

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