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How do you know when to give up on a relationship?

I have been with my boyfriend for over a year..

He is an amazing person and i love him alot. When we were good we were amazing i was sure he was the man i would marry.

However i believe we moved too fast we became too close too soon living together about a month after we meet.

Now we are in a long distance relationship and we are fighting all the time both when we are apart and when we see eachother.

I would give anything to get back what we had and he says the same thing, but what ever we do it just seems to be lost.

How do you know when to give up on getting back what you knew was perfect?How do you know when to give up on a relationship?
You could try couples counseling before you give up. It may be salvagable.How do you know when to give up on a relationship?
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when your asking questions like this..
you should give up now. i always say live with that person before you get married.thats exactly what you did and it worked out perfectly. if you had not moved in so soon and waited longer the same would have happen anyways. it was unavoidable, once you start living with that person then the real person comes out!
it takes time, and also sexual attraction is a big thing. if you find yourself not wanting to get intimate with him then maybe deep down you dont ahve feelings for him anymore
Long distance relationships rarely ever work. it is a strain on both of you not knowing what the other is doing, and not being able to spend enough time together. Also, it gives you too much time to think about the things that bother you about each other.

You can make it work, if you truly love each other, but it is really going to be hard. Distance is evil in a relationship.
';Perfect'; doesn't exist, sorry, though it may feel that way. Long distance relationships statistically do not last unfortunately. My suggestion is to move back in together and see if that helps relieve the stress that makes you both argue so much. And if you both Truly feel that you love each other and want the relationship to work, it might be good to seek a counselor. Best of luck to you both.

How do i get out of this relationship?

okay so this is an extremely complicated situation. A year ago i met this girl who at first i hated, but then she kept talking to me day and night, never stopping, and i began to realize that she was the only thing in my life that was really good. she was kind of mean to me, but also i felt like she wanted me to be happy. I became extremely attached to her, and then she moved really far away. I saw her once this year, and that was months ago%2How do i get out of this relationship?
ok. Just stop talking to her. It doesn't sound like you guys are in a relationship. Just tell her you are moving on/ you dont love her.How do i get out of this relationship?
Some times when you lose someone in your life, it is really hard and it might feel like an addiction... I do not know your situation and don't mean this in a bad way, maybe try to find another person that is concerned for you, and is not mean to you.
lessen your talks with her..and slowly end it up
Start talking to lots of other women. Eventually something will happen and you'll be attached to someone else. It's amazing how quick moving on can be.

How far is too far at the start of a relationship?

I recently met the nicest guy I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and we're looking at the possibility of starting to see one another. The only real sticking point is the distances involved - we live about an hour from eachother and that's set to increase in the upcoming months. I have really good feelings about the potential here, but I'm not sure how to justify the distance to myself and the accused guy at such an early stage in a relationship. Is this too much distance to get involved with, or how best can we mitigate the effect?

(Background info, both students living with parents at the moment)How far is too far at the start of a relationship?
Hm, well perhaps you could get to know him a bit better and then decide if dealing with the distance is worth it. It all depends on how much you like this guy and how far you're willing to go for him. Don't be afraid to reach out, yet don't be afraid to be a bit cautious as well. It's all about timing.

I suggest that you and he talk on the phone often, text and IM as much as possible-if you decide to start something with him. It'll help a lot to make the distance to seem like less of an issue. Good luck! :)How far is too far at the start of a relationship?
I've known a few people that have dated across countries/ hemispheres. It all depends on the two people involved. Some people can do Long distance relationships while others can't
if you have way to get to him then don't worry about it just have fun. And if you don't have a way then find one. you can do it Trust me did it when I did not have a car as a teen.


I currently have a very good friend who I have sept with once since we stopped dating. He now has a girfriend and I want her to know that he is stepping out on her....I have written her e-mails and talked to her, but I keep telling him that it is not me. I tell him that it is her and luckily he believes me. I still have strong feelings for him and I would do anything, such as what I have done, to get him back. If I tell him that I have been e-mailing her then he will stop talking to me. How can I be honest with him, and keep him as a friend?Relationship?
I hate to point out to you something you probably already know, but what you're doing is wrong. Let me rephrase that: lying to this guy is wrong. You did what you did with a man who is supposed to be committed to another. I've been there, done that, felt guilty, got over it. That being said, why do you want her to know? Because you think he was wrong in cheating? Because you feel guilty? Now did you think about the fact that since he cheated on her, he might cheat on you if the two of you were to get back together? Or do you truly believe what the two of you have is that different? And sadly, there is no easy way out of this predicament. If you care so much about him, you need to tell him the truth. Its a tough thing to do, I do, but its what you gotta do. He'll probably get upset, but you had it coming. If he's the generous sort, he'll still be a friend. Or you could just keep going the way you are and not tell him, keep denying it, who knows, maybe that'll be easier.Relationship?
Just keep lying or you could tell him the truth and be miserable all your life.
Do not sleep with people who are involved. Worry a little more about your dignity and a little less about your feelings and friendships, and both of those will be better off as well.
Personally.....if I were you....I'd take his pet dog and bbq it over his fireplace....let him find it. Then I'd take used tampons and a little duct tape and write ';I luv u'; on his bathroom mirror, then I'd take a soldering gun and burn his name onto my back, call the cops, say he did it in a moment of violent passion (lot of tears) then visit him in jail and tell him you'll testify in court that you asked for it if he promises marry you. If he says yes....get it witnessed and notarized.
First what are you thinking emailing the new girlfriend. He will surely find out it's you! Stop now! Why don't you just be honest and tell him you still have feelings for him. Find out if there's any way you can start to see each other on a more personal basis. What you're currently doing just makes him turn towards her. Silly girl if he's stepping out on her, he probably is seeing not only you but others as well. Is this really the kind of guy you want? Reconsider this entire relationship, sounds like all the girls in his life are going to be hurt one way or another.
You need to make up your mind if you want him as a friend or lover... first, don't let him know about the emails... you'll for sure lose him''' next, do you think he'll cheat on you??? that's something to think about... also the girl may rat you out on the emails and you tellingall the details of his extra on the side... back off wll of it... and win him over the right way... then you'll have him forever... if you stick to the person he falls in love with... hope this helps...

Why do you seek relationships? Is it because you can't stand being alone or do you think you need to be in?


Is it something else? How long can you go before seeking out a relationship?

Explain.Why do you seek relationships? Is it because you can't stand being alone or do you think you need to be in?
I do not seek a relationship because i cant stand being alone or single. I am actually very happy when single. I definitely dont seek one because i think i need to be in one.

I think for me, I just want the chance to have that amazing feeling you have when youre in love with someone who loves you back, just as much. I want to make someone experience that extraordinary feeling as well, because everyone deserves it... :)Why do you seek relationships? Is it because you can't stand being alone or do you think you need to be in?
The problem is that in these times, most of the girls out there are drugged up, club hopping, ';bisexual for attention';, chlamydia riddled whores that are sleeping with everyone and everything. Most of them are just after money and are willing to blow whoever they have to for some overpriced trinkets that their materialistic a$$es don't really need in the first place.

I have enough weed to last me a while and I don't feel like contracting the incurable gonorrhea just yet. I can wait a little longer....
lacking self-confidence or self-love will make a person get into a relationship in order to fill in the gap and get emotional attention INSTEAD of choosing wisely %26amp; with an open heart the right person for him/her,

the right persons are the ones we love for whom they are and NOT because they make us feel better about ourselves,

learning to appreciate and accept ourselves are the first steps towards finding our most suitable partners.

having friends, a passion or goal in life iare also good ways not to enter a relationship due to the feeling of emptiness...

nothing takes the place of an intimate partner, all what I mean is: being the best of who we are is the best start toward being in a better a relationship
Our purpose for living is to procreate. We need a partner of the opposite sex to do that. That's half of the reason. The other half is, in today's society, it's really difficult to procreate without having that partner of the opposite sex around for at least 18 years. Humans don't raise children communally least not in the U.S. I'm pretty sure there are still some cultures in the world that do, though.
actually it's the other way around.....i can't stand being with someone all the time...i want to be left alone!......but i actually do want a relationship....just with someone who is ok with doing his own thing and lets me do my own thing some times
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  • How come men never get looked down at when they get caught cheating?

    How come whenever a man is caught cheating he isn't the one who takes all the blame? Why is it that the other woman takes all the responsibility for the relationship when the man was just as bad if not worse seeing how he let something like that go on? Just curious after seeing all these stars get caught cheating and then everyone blames the other women completely but just slaps the men on the hand and says ';they have an addiction'; or that ';boys will be boys'; bull crap? I'm not saying the other woman isn't to blame but seeing how the man is putting his family and everything on the line shouldn't he get equally blamed too???How come men never get looked down at when they get caught cheating?
    Somehow society thinks a women should have more values and morals, I have no idea why this is the case. You would expect a man to behave with just as much integrity.How come men never get looked down at when they get caught cheating?
    I'll give you a second name. Jesse James. I have heard nobody say anything bad about his mistresses (h#ll, they media even showed the one sympathy that got played)

    Pretty much everybody thinks Jesse James is a complete idiot, and I've haven't heard anybody pulling punches on that.
    In a relationship where at least one of the persons is ';cheating';, it's a shared responsibility and I haven't seen it otherwise. If a single woman goes out with a married man, they are both at fault. If a single man goes out with a married woman, ditto.
    Because a cheating woman is 1,000 times worse. If a man cheats, he cannot tell the wife that she is mother of his child. Therefore, his cheating does little or no harm. However, when a woman cheats, she can and will tell the husband that he is the father. Therefore, her cheating is horrible and is a huge injustice.
    i do not see the men getting away with anything look at the hell the golfer went Thur and is going through .but when i guy gets lucky he is a stud but the girl put out and is looked down at .that is the why it is.and ya i am glad i am a guy.
    you can thank our society. Women still make only 70 cents for every dollar a man makes in the same field with the same experience. I know-its hypocritical but currently thats the way it is.
    What planet have you been living on for the last 6 months? Have you seen the beating that Tiger has taken in the media, financially, ...?
    Tiger Woods is a prime example of why WOMEN want attention and try to become famous off the backs of stars by dropping the bombs, and not always telling the complete truth.

    Nobody really knows what goes on in someone's marriage. They can look perfectly fine on the outside, but when you get them behind closed doors, it's a different story all together.

    Just because his wife is hot, doesn't mean that she isn't a *****. It doesn't mean she wasn't lacking in support for her husband through things, etc...I don't know the inner workings of Tiger's marriage nor anyone else's but mine and neither do any of us. We get one sided stories from our friends that are usually told in a way to slant blame on the other spouse when in fact we in the lease should take some responsibility for their infidelity.

    If people minded their own business, tended to their own marriages, paid attention to their spouses verbal and non-verbal communication...there would be a lot less infidelity to begin with.
    1 name; Tiger Woods. You're an idiot if you think no one has talked badly about the incident(s).
    The women who cheated with Tiger were just as much to blame as him, if not worse, knowing that he is a married man. These women who cheated with Tiger have no pride or self esteem - they obviously have no self worth and Tiger was obviously NOT choosy who he had sex with. Very Sad!

    Tigers wife is definitely a victim of a man with absolutely no self control or shame.
    sleeping around (when you're a man) is cool. it makes you a pimp and a rebel, they're ';bad boys'; and women go for that. women like the riskiness of being a mistress. but they're looked at as whores. what kind of a woman would sleep with a married man?! how dare she! (i guess society expects women to have more decency and more morals than men) but men do it so much that people just assume thats how they are, and its normal for them to do.
    I think they are both equally to blame and they deserve eachother, except in the case where the woman is innocent and has no clue because she has been lied to. But I think men are looked down upon esp. since many woman sacrifice career and their lives to raise his children and when a woman seduces a married man (which does happen) and she knows his married and with kids, she's just a ______, just like him. Hence they deserve eachother. And it's bad because the STD rate is 1 in 4 has an STD.
    People can and do get angry at their boyfriends for cheating on them and a lot of them leave them. And this is harsh for a lot of people to find out, but if you don't get mad at your boyfriend for cheating, he'll lose respect for you.
    The man is primarily to blame, and so is his partner. When a partner cheats there is a marriage problem not a husband or wife who cheats problem but a joint marriage problem. The affair is only a symptom a much deeper issue in the relationship. I have counseled too many couples to believe in innocent spouses - there are virtually none. The cheater and their partner both played a role in the affair. Frankly I could care less about the other woman or the other man in some cases - they are only a symptom and if it wasn't them it would be someone else.

    two examples:

    A guy works 12-16 hours a day earning a good living while his wife is home with two kids and hardly has any adult time with her husband. Is he innocent when she falls for a neighbor who does have to time to make her feel special? or did he fail in his obligation to her too?

    Another couple married for many years. She decides the marriage was a mistake and cuts off any intimacy. After 5 years of living separately in the same home, he has an affair with one of his graduate students. She finds out and files divorce claiming adultery. Is she innocent? Or was she the first to violate the wedding vows?

    Here is a rare innocent spouse story: Man marries a woman who had used drugs in past but had been clean for 2 years. They marry have a son and after 4 years she annouces that while she likes her marriage - a sober life cannot compete with the drug life she knew and loved and she has decided to return to the streets of the city. She leaves the child with him and walks out of their lives to be addict in DC.

    How to make a graph on Pages or Numbers that include an equation and r虏 value?

    I need to make a graph showing the inverse relationship between pressure and volume of gases (Boyle's Law). I have the data, but I don't know how to make the graph correctly. Any help?How to make a graph on Pages or Numbers that include an equation and r虏 value?
    You can make graphs using Microsoft excel (if you have it). Or I found a graph making site:鈥?/a>

    Good luck.How to make a graph on Pages or Numbers that include an equation and r虏 value?
    you can do it all in word. just go to table at the top and go down to insert table. and for the equations, go to visible buttons and make it so superscript and subscript are visible.