Friday, August 20, 2010

How did moving in with your bf/gf change your relationship?

For practical reasons, my bf and I have been talking about moving in together (we're both moving out of our parents' homes and could afford an apartment together when we couldn't afford one each yet!). We'll have been together for 7 months by the time we do it.

I'd have ideally liked to have left it a year before living together, but circumstances mean that if we don't get an apartment together, the relationship will extremely long distance and hardly feasible!

Any advice you can offer? How did moving in with a partner change your relationship?

Thanks very much.How did moving in with your bf/gf change your relationship?
youll find out things about him that you never would have found out otherwise. youll have to take it one day at a time but it all depends on how you approach it. just be aware that hes not perfect and youre not perfect. maybe for starters the two of you should get a two bedroom apartment if youre that uncomfortable that way you still have your own space. as time goes on you could sleep in the same room together and when one of you gets upset just go sleep in the other room. it will take some time getting used to at first though.How did moving in with your bf/gf change your relationship?
My boyfriend and I have lived together since the beginning and it has been 3 years. And I'm not gonna lie, we fight alot more, lol, but we love each other, and he's my best friend, and when we are bored, we just have sex.
Yeah i agree, get two bedrooms unless your ready for some snoring, late night Farts, Morning Breath? uh the worst! jk yeah if you do move in together best advice i can give you is make it a two bedroom you two need the space.

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