Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Have you ever had a relationship that you knew had a set ending?

Say he/she was going overseas to college on a certain date, spouse getting out of prison on Nov. 2, green card was expiring a marriage was out of the question, etc., etc.

You ever have a relationship with a known shelf-life? How sad was it parting at the end?Have you ever had a relationship that you knew had a set ending?
yes its called til death do we part!!Have you ever had a relationship that you knew had a set ending?
yeah my marriage and it can't come soon enough for me to end ,, i will have the biggest party this town has seen
Yes ~ many years ago ~ he was engaged though and I don't mess with that sort of thing, I'm just not the cheating kind ~ I have actually tried to and couldn't ~ failed miserably so I won't even bother trying anymore ~ just me :)
yes. theyre called my hourly dates.
yes started dating a total duche bag about 4 yrs ago and he kept claiming he was so in love with me , wanted to marry me and all of this bs. He was in AL and I was in IN and so I got a ticket and applied for college in AL so that I could mainly go to school there but spend some time with him as well..

He got his mom to let me stay there for a couple weeks and that whole time the comp he was letting me use had pics of naked chicks hiding in his folders on his computer that I found by accident one day. He kept insisting that it wasnt what I thought and that he had forgotten to erase those it had been so long...being in love i wanted to believe him.

Well I was too short on money for my books so I had to go back to IN from the time I was in AL to a couple weeks after he was acting funny and stuff and he gave me his email passwrd so when I went there I saw emails of that he'd been sending females since me and him had been dating. the emails ranged from him naked to him saying sexually explicit things to these chicks that looked like hobbits, gremlins and bears OH MY lol. any way when I saw that I was more than done and weirdly enough I ended up bumping back into this guy I met on the Greyhound bus who had tried to propose to me...we met at the mall and I ended up dating him and I threw my old engagement ring off the balcony of the Circle Center Mall when I was at the movies with my new guy. so no I wasn't sad cuz I knew deep down it was bound to end and I couldnt continue making myself unavailable to be faithful to a downright PIG.
.Yes...I started dating a guy years ago that I knew wouldn't be dating past Spring of 2002 because I was moving out of state at that time and had been planning it for a while. We dated a year and a half, both knowing the whole time that the relationship had a specific time limit.

We kept in touch some after I moved away, and he even came to visit once...we still keep in touch a few times a year, and care about one another, but I've never had the desire to reunite. That relationship worked for when it occured and the duration it occured but I never saw him as someone I wanted to be with indefinitely and hopefully he felt the same.
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