Friday, August 20, 2010


My ex partner %26amp; I have been living apart for almost a year now. We were trying to get back together, but are having a hard time of it because of her wanting to keep her ex in the picture. She is always calling the ex %26amp; seeing the ex whenever possible. The ex lives in Kansas. The ex even gives her money. She never tells me when she does this. She said because she doesn't like my reaction to it, but they are only friends and she loves me. Why does she have to have a relationship with her ex if I feel threathened by it. I don't know her ex %26amp; she makes it a point that we do not meet or talk to one another. This does not make since to me. I have never heard of anyone always calling their ex %26amp; making it a point to go see them whenever they go to Kansas, plus the ex gives her money. How do you work things out to get back together if this ex is always in the pictures. The ex even writes her letters %26amp; sends them to Texas. I don't even know what they say.Relationship?
Well, I don't think she's being too respectful of ya'lls relationship here.....I think u2 need a good talk about it. I wish you well

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