Friday, August 20, 2010

How do I tell my parents about my online relationship?

I've been in a relationship with a girl that I met online for about a year now and the stress of not telling my parents has been killing me over the last few weeks. We both live in the UK, about 2 hours away from each other but I have not met her in real life but I have talked to her on MSN with microphone and video calls. I love her so much, and she loves me too but I'm so scared of what will happen if my parents find out. When I started using the internet for forums ETC my parents both told me to be careful, that the internet can be a dangerous place and I'm worried what to say if I tell them that I've met someone online and been in a relationship with them after what they said to me. I'm worried that they'll force me to break up with her. I really need help on this, I can't hide it from them any longer...How do I tell my parents about my online relationship?
I think you should meet her in a nice public place, make sure she's really who she claims to be... then invite her to meet your parents in person.How do I tell my parents about my online relationship?
First, ask to meet up with her.If you only live two hours away, it shouldn't be a problem. Invite her to your house and your parents will meet her there.

Then tell them you met online.

They'll take it less bad once they've actually seen her. They might give you a lecture though.
there are many ways you could do this.

1. just come right out with it. ';mum and dad ive been in a online relationship for a year!

2. say you have something to show them and let them talk to the girl online and see her so that they know she is not a fake?

3. write a letter explaining everything..

i do feel its a bit wierd that you have not met this girl in person in a year? but if you are happy.. thats all that matters, hope your parents realise that too
just tell em mom dad i have an online repationship. Becareful though they might be preditors
Can't you two just like each other a whole lot? People who live with their parents and are afraid to tell them things just seem too young to be declaring all this loving so much stuff.

Do you feel this grown up with girls you get to actually see everyday? Is it possible that being ';secretly'; in love is part of the glorious fantasy?

Here's what parents fear about the internet and with good cause. They fear that their kids are going to start acting, believing, and doing things that they'd never do in real life and with real people in their daily lives. The fact that you have been having a ';relationship'; with a gal for over a year who only lives two hours away and have never met in person suggests to me that you are still quite young. Otherwise you could have borrowed a car or taken a bus and been home for supper without your parents even knowing what was up. As it is, you do imply that you've been sneaking around so what's the difference?

Tell them. You want to. You feel the need to. Just do it. But chill on how much ';in love'; you two are. Say you like her a lot and have gotten to know her pretty well and would like to meet her.

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