Friday, August 20, 2010

I think i'm depressed, i don't know what to do! please help :(?

please read this

the past month has been really tough for me. i had what i thought was my first great relationship with a guy i reeaally truly cared about. however, he was depressed, but it i didn't think much of it. after about 2 months into our relationship i guess i started acting different, and i think his personality and actions rubbed off on me, including his depression. a few weeks ago i found out that he liked another go. the day after, he broke up with me, saying he rushed into our relationship and we didn't have much in common. after that, we never talk.

i honestly miss him. we just went on a school band vacation, and some things happened to him that i didn't know about, caused by his depression. i felt so bad because i wasn't even around to comfort him, i didn't even hang out with him. I miss him so much, its unbarable. i dont really know what to do.

so pretty much, i'm sad all the time, im not excited about things like my first roller coast that i just went on and i actually faked being a little excited, even my friends are noticing my behavior, and i'm having so many problems with friends fighting and all these things that just cause me to cry all the time, and i dont know, im just different. before i was probably the most outgoing bubbly girl you could meet, but now i guess i'm boring, i dont know i just hate this.

pleaseee tell me what the hell is going on. this started before the break up but it just got worse. is it possible for depression to rub off on someone in a case like this? what do i do if i think i'm depressed? i dont know how to talk to my parents about this.

please helppp. thanks if you do. (:I think i'm depressed, i don't know what to do! please help :(?
Hey! This is an opportunity. Learn from it, but don't waste any time. Take the attitude that if he doesn't want me, I don't want him-but more! Put on some music, get in your room and redo it all. Make up your mind you wouldn't have him if he came crawling back-in fact, he might. If so, reject him right up front. Tomorrow, when you walk out you will be back to your old self, but better. Change your hair, wear something zowie and go for the kill. Look your best and flirt with every male you see. This is going to give your ego a boost %26amp; make new friends. He is not worth the dirt on your feet. You might just notice he was dragging you down. If he was depressy at 15, at 25 he would be a real snooze. You are worth 12 of him and never forget it! Now get busy!I think i'm depressed, i don't know what to do! please help :(?
sounds like a heart break but here are some website to check and see if you have depression
Heartbreak is a very unfortunate thing we teenagers feel. And although we know he's ';just some boy';, and that we're ';young'; and that there is ';other fish in the sea';, it still hurts, because our feelings at the time are true.

What happened was inevitable and a part of life. You may one day be in his situation; you never know.

But anyway, aside from those words of wisdom, you may be depressed. Symptoms of depression are:

- loss of interest in once enjoyable activities

- crying, withdrawal, isolation

- sleeping differently (less or more sleep than usual)

- suicidal / homicidal thoughts

- straight-up misery

Depression is typically defined as ';sadness or misery for 2 or more weeks';.

So, if you fit this, you're likely to be depressed.

I would try spending time with friends and breaking out of your shell. If you've had a history of depression, or several instances which you have felt depressed (or ONE instance in which you've felt suicidal), then you have a problem and need to talk to your parents about counseling. Either way, talk to your parents if you have a decent relationship with them, and if not, impart in a friend. Even if you don't have a decent relationship with your parents, this is something you should tell them for the sake of telling them.

I've had depression. Not from heartbreak, but I started getting depressed around age 12-13. I'm 16 now. I got counseling about 8 months ago and I'm doing MUCH, much better. And my depression was severe.

The key to helping your depression is READING about depression, becoming aware of yourself, and taking steps to feel better (even if you don't want to). That is how someone fights depression. Trust me, I know.

Much love!

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