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Can any ladies tell me what it means when a women ends a relationship after a WONDERFUL year and says that ';there is something missing';? I am confused, we were great together, never fought, I treated her well, we had a lot of physical chemistry....and how long do you think I should wait before talking to her or should I just give up?Relationship?
Just let it go man. ';Something missing'; is a save your feelings expression. You go digging more and you are sure to not like what she has to say. Keep the breakup clean and nice, like it has been, and you will not have to hate each other. She has the right to her feelings about your not being her ';forever';. Dig as much as you like, but be prepared for the outcome to be a lot more painful.Relationship?
give up man
Maybe she just wasnt ready for a relationship.
don't give up on love. Just talk to her and let her know that what ever is missing. that you will find a way to bring it back into the relationship. if that is what you want.

Good Luck
Ask her seriously ';wot is missing';.......she has 2 let u know. If she does not want to tell you then blow it off. I hurts BUT u will have 2 let go. Move on.
Quite possibly she needs a little romance, a little challenge, some women, less then mature, are looking for ';excitement';. The settled down relationship, is comforting, but somewomen, like drama. It helps them sow their female oats and that is how they figure out which man they want and what kind of man they want for their life.
if she dumps you, she's missing out on something....only she can answer that....move on!
Unless she sees your relationship very differently or there is another man she is interested in -this just doesn't make sense. I definately think you should call her and tell her you don't understand why she wants to end things. If she is set on it you will understand but you would like some insight as to why because you want to know where things went wrong. I hope she will tell you so you can see if it is indeed the relationship or something going on with her. Good Luck
Well it must not have been so wonderful for her,, she was looking for something you were not offering,, move on,
If the relationship was so wonderful, why did you break??? Did you ask her?? You should talk to her, before someone else moves in!!
Well sounds like she wasn't feeling the same as you, that she wasn't as into as you were? I would wait awhile and then text her or send her a email and say you would like to remain friends and go from there!
There is something missing all right.. Communication.. You let her tell you that without asking WHAT?

If you want to continue the relationship, you may want to think about jumping on this and NOW... Ask her to define ';what's missing?';

I don't want to rush to judgement here, but that answer is way too vague. Either she said something more and you're not telling us. OR She is trying to let you down easy because she's found another guy that she wants to try out. If it doesn't work out, she can say, ';I guess I was just getting cold feet. I'm sorry to put you through that... I'm sorry my little poopsy, will ou forgive me?';

When the baby talk starts, you know she's trying to defuse the situation... That's when you say, ';You're right, there is something missing... your commitment to me as a real loving woman!!!';
Yeh been there before. Forget about her as hard as it sounds. You will forever be worrying about whether she will pull this crap out of the blue again. Find someone who will respect you and appreciate you. Move on my friend I promise you will be happier.

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