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How has Michael Jackson influenced the relationships in your life?

How has Michael Jackson influenced the relationships in your life?

Has mutual love for him given you friends, or has it strengthened already present relationships in your life?

Has it caused you to dislike/think differently (of) someone?

Thank you %26lt;3

Ten months tomorrow, hope everyone is doing well.

Only fans please, if you don't what that is... please give up.How has Michael Jackson influenced the relationships in your life?
I don't think Michael Jackson or his death have had any influence on any of my current relationships or friendships with the people I know personally. The people I socialize with, who are people in my department from university - they're not really people who concern themselves at all with celebrity culture. It's not something that's ever been brought up - not in casual conversation or as jokes or anything. So I can't say any of my relationships have been altered in the slightest.How has Michael Jackson influenced the relationships in your life?
Well, I have been listening to Michael's voice my entire life so his influence has been a lifelong progression. I remember being drawn to the radio and television as a tiny child whenever I would hear is angelic voice. I loved looking at his big doe-eyes and it was as if I could somehow ';feel'; love coming straight from him! When I was old enough to understand the words he used, either singing or in interviews i felt ';connected'; to him because I was also very sensitive and wanted to show love to anyone that I could. As a teen, I'd read his interviews and listen to what he'd say on tv and it just kept me so calm and full of love. When you look around it's sometimes very hard to believe in love, but hearing loving words come from Michael always kept me encouraged. Then I remember him talking about God. He said he always wondered how people could look around and NOT believe in God. He spoke of the planets in the skies, babies, flowers, etc... When my world felt like it was crashing in on me and I wanted to give up I'd cry myself to sleep listening to Michael and no matter how awful I felt I'd wake up inspired by LOVE...really.

So, in essence, Michael influenced me by being so loving, and that helped me to stay grounded and to NOT give up on love, whether it be love of family, friends or Strangers. I know that Jesus IS Love, Michael just reminded and inspired me NOT to forget!

This is a wonderful question by the way!
He's changed how I judge people.
I've always been a huge fan of Michael but it's like when he died I understood his message about loving people and just caring about the world more. I try to not pass judgment on a person until I've spoken to them one on one :)
I think I have increased the compassion I feel for people who have suffered or are suffering.
Healzzz it's Gabby! xD %26lt;33

LOL interesting question...

actually, yeah, it has, but not necassarily in a good way.... no one at my school likes MJ except for me and one other person, other than that, everyone HATESSSS him!!

Now I am known at school as ';That girl who's obsessed with Michael Jackson.'; Ugh.

All the popular kids make fun of me because I like MJ and they purposely talk bad about him right in front of me to see my reaction, but I'm really shy and don't wanna get into anything so I just ignore it...

But it has actually gotten to the point that I get so scared whenever someone plays music at school, because I'm worried that they will play an MJ song and start making fun of me...


And I have made about 3 enemies from school JUST because I am an MJ fan, they started hating me and making fun of me just because I like Michael Jackson! Oh gimme a break! ugh.

On the other hand..... one of my friend's whom I was never too close to really likes Michael Jackson, and she is like the only person other than me who likes him at my school, and I have become so much closer to her, and MJ is all we talk about xP haha.

And then of course there is the guy issue... MJ is so perfect that every guy when put next to him seems like he'd be a horrible boyfriend! rofl Michael seemed like he'd be such a perfect man(: %26lt;3

Oh that's right.... a 2 digit number since MJ has died tomorrow ='( *SIGH*

Maybe i'll watch This Is It...

Have a good day %26lt;33
Well me and my friend are sort of closer as we both like him. Other than that, he doesn't affect my relationships.

uhmm i know how to have manners, thank you very much. i dont need a strangers' influence to ';be nice';. i get that from my parents.
Friendship %26lt;3

I care more, about things too.
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