Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you tell a Sagittarius to get lost?

This guy has been chasing for 4 months now, I keep on making excuses not to go out, and I even told him I don't want to get hurt I don't want a relationship right now. He freaked out on me and started getting densive and he said he got offended when this is not even about him. So after that he still calls and stuff, but I wanna let him down easy, without saying it right to his face again because he takes it personally

Scorpio/ Aries moonHow do you tell a Sagittarius to get lost?
Just tell him to leave you alone.How do you tell a Sagittarius to get lost?
Ignore him either that, or lay it down in full detail u don't wanna around especially near you, he's annoying bothersome, i've tolerated u for as long as ur gonna take he's pissin u off and to get lost, gotta make sure he doesn't find anyway to get involved with you, then if he still bothers u threaten him with some male relatives or file a restraining order he could be a psycho i'm not sure what ya really dealn with here V.V
Sweetie, you HAVE to get in his face about it. It's been FOUR, long months and he still won't leave you alone. It may hurt his feelings, but tell him to his face he needs to stop calling you because you've told him you don't want to be in a relationship.

He should get the point after that.
Just tell him he has a small penis LOL... that should scare him off :0)
Tell him to go *** himself ur not interested.

Tell him that to his face, Missy.

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