Monday, August 16, 2010

How to keep our relationship?

My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over a year, we love each other very much, we lost our virginity to each other (we were both fifteen.) Our relationship is very loving, and has a healthy amount of fighting in it, so I know it isn't repressed resentment. She and I both voice our opinions about nearly everything. Our love life is amazing, she and i understand each other very well, and neither of us has cheated or anything serious like that. ( A few broken promises on her part, and mine I'm sure.)

We used to live in the same neighborhood, and went to school together, however I moved to Florida. She moved down about a month later, though now lives an hour away. Everything has been going good, were still talking as often as we can (every day and night, when nothing comes up) and all seems well. However, she just woke up from a nap and started telling me about all of her thoughts, which I don't mind at all, but one scared me. Long story short, she needs to find herself. I didn't flip out or anything, I calmly explained that I want to help and am going to be supportive, but don't want us to break up. I'm thinking of allowing us to be in an ';open'; relationship, which will hurt me, but if it's for her, it's worth it right?

I'm very confused on what to do, and would like some help. I'd hate to lose her. I'm the first guy she's ever ';clicked'; with, and she's the only girl i've ever loved. I know it'd break my heart if she left.

I really want to help her find herself, without sacrificing our relationship. I really need some help.

And no, she isn't cheating, she's extreamly faithful, as am I.How to keep our relationship?
okay, let me start off by telling you, that you seem like a great boyfriend, for even considering letting her do this.

this is a really complicated question, so the answer probably will be too.

alright, well i know from experience that a person doesn't know what they had until it's gone. im serious. i used to be just like your girlfriend. i was in an amazing relationship, but he was the only guy id ever been with. and i felt like i was missing out on a lot.

but then when we broke up, i just knew i didn't want anyone else.

so, your right. it might be in your best interest to let her have her space.

chances are shel realize what she has. and if not, then you probably don't need her anyways.

sorry if it didn't help as much as i thought. haha.

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