Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you stop blaming your partner in a relationship?

its me and my boyfriends anniversary today for the first time we made love, we was meant to celebrate it. me and my boyfriend has broken up today. one of the issues mentioned in the break up conversation was blaming each other, he said that i make him feel like he is the blame for everything that happens and he feels like crap because of me.

in the past we've had some bad arguments, i always bring up issue's from the past, because it hurts and relates, sometimes i think he forgets about the wrong he does me. i know that holding onto the past is bad to do. my question to you is:


- HOW DO YOU LET GO OF THE PAST?How do you stop blaming your partner in a relationship?
.This should be in Singles %26amp; Dating, since you aren't married.

How do you stop blaming each other? You start by looking at the situation and realize most often BOTH people had a part in whatever the problem is. Understand that placing blame doesn't fix things...the idea is to work together to make it right, no matter who messed up.

Let go of the past? By resolving those issues and then leaving them there, in the past, where they belong. Once you've worked through it, and forgiven and settled it, don't bring it up again. Period. It's done and over and not a subject for future blame-throwing.

Perhaps you two should consider some couples counseling to help you get on the right track, and to understand each other's point of view.How do you stop blaming your partner in a relationship?
Grow up maybe
So it's your anniversary, you've had sex, and also broken up in the same day.

Perhaps he thinks the sex was bad and doesn't want anything to do with you.

Seriously, how should we know? ASK HIM!
You realize that you are responsible for everything in your life (past, present, and future). You stop being a victim and take responsibility for all your choices. Even when someone does something you don't like, you own it by how you react/respond. Taking control of your own life feels great!
Dating people don't have anniversaries. Married people do.

This is the marriage and divorce section. Singles and Dating is down the hall, to your right.

You getting sexually involved made the breakup that much harder on you. Don't get sexually involved again until your wedding night.

Start doing other things with your life, that's how you get past this.

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