Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What pros and cons do you like better single or relationship?

Personally I like my total freedom doing whatever I want whenever I want. I like being selfish not having to worry about anyone else and it not being a bad thing. I just enjoy everything about being single. I will take the pros and cons over a relationship anyday. How about you, do you like being single or in a relationship, why???What pros and cons do you like better single or relationship?
I choose Realtionship...

People who are single want to have someone to go home to... have one partner to have sex with.. have one person to love... and not worry bout drama... as to married people want to be single because they want freedom... want multiple partners... wanna be alone and not deal with their partner...

It works both ways... sometimes you wanna be single then you don't I rather be with one person the rest of my life than to be single and lonely....What pros and cons do you like better single or relationship?
yu can't be single all through out yu life.yu have to be in relationship soon and yu have adjust and follow give and take policy.otherwise it is better to remain single and enjoy life as yu like.
Sometimes I wish that I were single again to have the freedom that it carries, but I don't want that at the expense of my boyfriend. Wanting to be single and wanting to break up are different things. Its just that I didn't know when I met him that I would never be single again. If I had known I might have lived up being single a little more.
I choose married relationship because we both enjoy being on the same team
Well I like being married, She cooks, cleans, shops, also my best friend, I can talk to her about anything and she will not judge me, she worries about me, she trust me, I love waking up next to her, well being single has it's draw backs, say if I wake up at 4am and want a little there is a real great chance I'll get laid, if you wake up at 4am, your more than likely by your self, when I get up this morning I'm gonna have a hot breakfast waiting for me. I'm selfish at times, I like watching football, or I want to buy myself something, I do it same as the wife, it's not wrong to want your own space at times, but it's fun to share to..have you ever been in a shower and then a woman walks into join you? or reminds you your favorite team is coming on to play, or calls you to bed to have favorite make out session, or gives you a good body rub after a hard days work. I even had the wife ask me to watch a porno with her, now how cool is that,
I think that they both have equal amounts of advantages and disadvantages. I can be in the mindset for one or the other and the one that I chose will obviously be the most appealing to me at that stage in my life. Right now I am enjoying being in a serious relationship and having constant companionship, but before I met my current partner, I was thrilled with the single life and I could have never imagined myself settling down anytime soon. I guess that until you meet the right person, you probably will prefer the single life, just like I did, but when you meet someone, you'll change your mind surprisingly fast. I never thought that I would want to get serious with another person, but it happened, so watch out- you think it's a choice that you're making...but it's really not.
If it works out, marriage is best. However, in American, England, and similar countries, marrige is a bad deal for men. That is because, in most cases, the wife will file for divorce against his wishes, deny him contact with his children and take half of his income in child support with the support of the courts and there is nothing he can do about it.
for me, i have been in in a few relationships, 4,6. but being single is what makes me happy the most. no questions, no arguments, i can do what i want, when i want. no money issues, no ';where have you been';. it's just very relaxing, %26amp; no stress. i like it that way. very easy going.

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