Friday, August 20, 2010

How far is too far at the start of a relationship?

I recently met the nicest guy I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and we're looking at the possibility of starting to see one another. The only real sticking point is the distances involved - we live about an hour from eachother and that's set to increase in the upcoming months. I have really good feelings about the potential here, but I'm not sure how to justify the distance to myself and the accused guy at such an early stage in a relationship. Is this too much distance to get involved with, or how best can we mitigate the effect?

(Background info, both students living with parents at the moment)How far is too far at the start of a relationship?
Hm, well perhaps you could get to know him a bit better and then decide if dealing with the distance is worth it. It all depends on how much you like this guy and how far you're willing to go for him. Don't be afraid to reach out, yet don't be afraid to be a bit cautious as well. It's all about timing.

I suggest that you and he talk on the phone often, text and IM as much as possible-if you decide to start something with him. It'll help a lot to make the distance to seem like less of an issue. Good luck! :)How far is too far at the start of a relationship?
I've known a few people that have dated across countries/ hemispheres. It all depends on the two people involved. Some people can do Long distance relationships while others can't
if you have way to get to him then don't worry about it just have fun. And if you don't have a way then find one. you can do it Trust me did it when I did not have a car as a teen.

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