Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Korean Guys?

Alright, I'm going to keep it as un-stereotypical as possible, and I'm really sorry if I sound ignorant. I'm a 14 year old girl that originally lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere, USA. It was 99.9% white. However, I recently moved to an international school in another country, and it is full of people from around the world. I was really happy to get to know about new countries.

To get to the point though! There is this boy in my class who is originally from Korea, even though he speaks fluent English. I really like him, and I would consider us to be friends as we talk sometimes and help each other out. But I can't really tell if he likes me or if he is just being polite. If he's just being polite then there probably is no point in pursuing our relationship. How can I tell? Does he not like me? Or maybe he only goes for Korean girls?

I have never had a boyfriend before, so that may also be a factor of my confusion.

I appreciate the help!Korean Guys?
It really depends on the person.

My Korean guy friends (I was in an International school in Japan) tended to only go for other asian females, although there will always be exceptions.

Just like most other cultures, people tend to like people of their same culture since they can pretty much relate more, and can speak the same language. Unless he was brought up from young in a purely international environment, or somewhere that is not in Asia--it is very likely he would be more attracted to, well, another asian.

Korean families, even those who send their children to international schools, TEND to be very, very traditional, and nationalistic. Especially the guys. With electronics brands to soccer to food. Try to keep that in mind. ;)

Good luck! =DKorean Guys?
Well if you want to know if he likes american girls hang out somewhere and if you see a pretty white girl say she is pretty then he will say yeah she is which mean he does have some liking in american girls and if he says eeww heck no

then you say

haha dont go for the white girls

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hi , i know many korean guys,and they are really nice guys..i belive he's nice too

actually,they like american girls also.

Do not care about his nationality.

korean boys are not much different with any other boys. boys are same..^^

however, i found koreans are shy, and that's why u think he's polite.. i think he likes you, but he's just shy to tell you

you and him could be good friends

koreans are very nice. you may have good time with him...^^ good luck!!
If you are a white person, its the same question as like, would a white guy go for an asian person. it all depends on that individual. but most asians like to stick with asians. the way he acts is probably the same as any other guy
first of all, you are a little too young to have a boyfriend yet...

just sped more time with him and you'll just know it... but don't ge too close that he will consider you his bestfriend because that will make things really complicated if you want to move up to the next level...

ive heard that korean guys are more likely to choose girls that are not from his kind... so you have a chance there...

if you really can't wait and just rush in to it without considering some things, then you are going to have a problem...
A Korean guy friend of mine told me that they like blond American females...but that might have just been him talking...
When it comes to the guy, I could say....there is no point whether he is a Korean or not. I mean.... I'm Korean but Koreans are not particularly kind to any girl, they are just the same as other guys from any country in your school! I think if he doesn't like you(or at least has interest in you) he wouldn;t act kind as you described. it is hard to find out the person's real intention though.

Anyway, you had better ask him if you like him. Good luck!!
why not ask him and find out? he may just be a polite person as many koreans are brought up that way.
im not korean but most azn ppal are alike in a way and im azn so im going to ask first: are you azn? or are you white? cuz it might be a little hard if ur white, cuz how i kno it if his parents are traditonal and ur white it might be hard, but if ur azn i don't c any barriers in the way. i went to this google site once and it said if ur white u have to impress his mother first. But if ur not white or let me put it in other words if ur azn i think just go with it, cuz alot of the azn boiz i kno they aren't really polite. Well just go for it.
ask him this....nalsaranghae? means do you love me? im korean by the way...good luck...
Okay umm it might not have to do with anything about race but that maybe he is just shy. If your thinking that it is because he is Korean then it doesnt matter. A lot has to do with just their preference. For Korean males that is that grew up in Korean towns or Korea many date other Koreans. This isn't to say that they don't date outside their race but that it is usually custom. The parent usually ask of the son to date inside their race. I'm part White and Korean but i no a lot of Koreans who cant stand Asians as well as Koreans who only date Asians. It really matters to each person.
i think it's not about ethnicity or culture...In sociology class, relationships are based on the activities a couple of people i think yeah there are possibilities!
He might like you, but if you directly say ';do you like me'; he might think your kinda wierd. Just take your time to get to know him, and sooner or later (if he likes you) he will tell you. Oh yeah I'm not sure if he only likes korean girls but a majority of korean guys dont really care, so hopefully hes with the majority. Since some korean guys can be really shy, dont come on to strong, its just a warning. and I wish you luck. :)

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