Friday, August 20, 2010

How do white guys feel about most white women preferring black men?

And please don't say ONLY fat white girls prefer black men because that's sooo not true.

In fact, all I ever see are fairly attractive to very attractive white girls dating black men over their own. My friend who's white is very attractive (ex-model) and she only dates black professional men.

However, I date mostly white men, my daughter's father is white, and I'm also currently in a relationship with a white man from Europe. So this doesn't affect me at all. I'm just curious.How do white guys feel about most white women preferring black men?
I know

White women love us

They even go so far to travelling to places like the carribean

to find black men

peep this right here鈥?/a>How do white guys feel about most white women preferring black men?
Most white women prefer white men, As white men prefer white women. Most people marry within their race; including black men. Not all black men want or date white women. Your friend is one of the few exceptions. Most of the less desirable white women tend to date black men. White men normally aren't attracted to over weight/ unattractive women, Black men and other minority men are more excepting. When a white man dates a black woman shes usually, but not always, educated, thin and prettier than the average white woman. Think Iman and David Bowie.
You have no stats to back up your claim (Because they don't exist) so this is your opinion based on what you see in your area.

In truth, most races tend to stay with their own race. It's what is familiar and comfortable.There are always exceptions to the rule, like your friend, but in general I think you are projecting and not offering anything based in reality.
White men probably don't care, black women have the issue with it they feel like white women are stealing all the black men, well that's what I hear from my friends. I mean retaliate date their men, I know I'm tired of black men so white guys are next on my agenda.

EDIT: Inca Ognito see I love seeing women like this stand up for your kids, hating on us bi-racials, I know my hair is good and i'm light skinned white people try and tan to get my complexion.
Where do you get the idea that it's ';most'; white women? You sound kinda dumb.

Becky J is a troll of the worst kind. My kids aren't nappy haired(it's really soft and curly), nor mud skinned. White people PAY to get the color my kids have. Becky J looks like death and decay.

Edit: Quite a few white women-especially celebrities, also pay to get the beautiful full-lipped look that my kids have naturally. So suck a big black c*ck with those thin nasty lips you got...
im going to skip over the ';most'; you posted but you should read this question and some of the answers. thats how some people feel, take it or leave it.

Gig is right? most is over doing it.;鈥?/a>;鈥?/a>
None of you guys know **** of what ur talking about! who cares that white women date black men. They dont have to be fat, all types of white women date black men, because they want to. And iof white men dont like it then who cares. lets quit grouping things racially! We have a black president!
Ok I think you exaggerate when you say MOST white women. If that were the case every other couple would literally be of a white woman and a black man and that's NOT the case at all. Some do like them but not MOST.
I don't care how white guys feel. I'm just not attracted to them, as a kid I was but now I just prefer black guys. My bf is black.
Color is never an issue w/ me, per se, BUT your first sentence is 100% true, from what I've personally seen. They seem to LOVE those fat @sses!!!!!!!!

Oh gosh this cheese cake pink dick loving annoying hoooe is back. Please dissapear again b iiiotch.
Forestfire in the a s s
Not true. Most white women date and marry white men.
LMAO@ the user ';..............';! That was harsh.

Most white girls like white guys.
if that were true, most americans would be bi-racial at this point.
Lol not actually hey.
Is that true! Well screw you white women!! I only like Asians!!
why are u asking if your already in an innteracial relatonship.arent you to young to b a mom
i don't find alot of them attractive...alot i do...alot a do not

Good question I am sure some egos are bruised
Only in America. Because the white men there can hardly be called men, and those fat obese slobs have been rejected by their own kind. 99% of white women prefer white men. Some date blacks out of pity or because they are getting desperate, nice try.
You are completely delusional. Most white women have high standards. I would never have anything to do with a black guy.
I feel sorry for their future children
Keep dreaming........
i would never date a black guy eww %26gt;..%26lt;

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