Friday, August 20, 2010

How important is it that the person you marry has the same religious beliefs?

I know it differs I just want to hear from different people. How important and why? and not only marriage but to be in a serious relationship with too?How important is it that the person you marry has the same religious beliefs?
as long as the persons spiritual core is the same i wont want to kill herHow important is it that the person you marry has the same religious beliefs?
Not Important :)
Depends on the person, If you are a strong believer and want your lover to have the same beliefs then thats that. But if you don't care. Then thats fine too.
It's at the very core of the relationship. It is the very center of what matters most in the relationship. If two people do not have this in common, their relationship will perish. Opposites may physically attract. But, spiritually, opposites cannot co-exist.

To clarify, I am a former Catholic turned non-denominational Christian. I have no interest in being in a relationship with someone who is not a non-denominational Christian.
It depends on the couple, as there are different variations on religious conviction and how strongly those involved feel about the differences they find.
personally, I have never been with someone close to my ';religion';. I am catholic...well I was. I don't claim a religion as of right now but I do believe in God. I am currently engaged to someone who is Seventh Day Adventist. It's kind of hard because his family gets angry with him when they find out he goes places on saturdays. But I don't think it is important for me because I am open to everything.
the foundations of most religions are the same: be a good person. so honestly, i don't think it really matters.
OK, so for the relationship between the 2 people, it doesn't matter all that much. Now, for all of the parents and families, it could (depending on the religion). I've seen Protestants marry Jewish and Hindi and the differences are so great that you're talking cultural differences and that could be tough to get over. At the least, it puts an undue strain on the marriage.
Depends what marriage is to you. You also failed to mention what religion ? Could make for some family issues. The ultimate commitment, I think about all the divorce I've witnessed. If you love someone, getting married adds nothing. Religion should not be an issue between you , if it's already arrived as a potential issue, you already have doubt. Not a good sign for a lifelong commitment.
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