Friday, August 20, 2010

How do I meet guys in college?

I'm having trouble finding guys in college, which is weird considering there are so many. It seems like they are either in a relationship or uninterested in being in one. Where should I look to find guys? Or should I stop looking?How do I meet guys in college?
College has a lot of great places to meet guys. The key is not to rush. Just take you time looking around for the right guy :)

Here are some ideas:

Friends of friends - this way you have a middle man to pass information on if the guy likes you or not.

Classes - yeah, you've already checked the class you have now, but what about next quarter?! :)

Parties - there are parties going on EVERYWHERE! You just need to get some friends together and start going to them. There are tons of guys at parties.

The Library - Start doing your studying there %26amp; always keep your eyes open for a hottie!

Lunch Room - ';Is this seat taken?';

Dorm room or House - Go meet the neighbors! Also go meet the neighbors at all your friends places as well. (That's how I met most the guys I dated in college.)

A few more:

Join a coed softball team.

Get involved in a campus club that is mostly full of guys.

Go to sporting events just to scope of guys you think are cute and once you spot one go up and talk to him.

Sit around the campus square in a cute outfit looking available and wait till guys come up and talk to you (yes it does work).How do I meet guys in college?
im in college to (and a girl) and id love to know the answer to this as well.

its true that some guys just arent interested in a relationship because they want a booty call

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