Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do i learn to not be so insecure about my relationship?

im a newleywed my wife and i got married about 7 months currently deployed to afghanistan and i need to constantly know what she is doing all the time. if i dont know i just go crazy and bad thoughts are always running through my mind...i am driving her crazy and i dont want to push her away. being deployed is hard enough let alone fighting with her all the time. please help me.How do i learn to not be so insecure about my relationship?
I know there's always going to be that fear. There are people around you going through things like that all the time making you more antsy. If she's getting upset by it and it's hurting your marriage, why not try and stop? It's probably all in your head. You're newlyweds! You should be happy right now thinking only about how great it's going to be to see her again, not about what she Might be doing but probably isn't! You worry about you and if something does go wrong, aren't you kind of pushing her away by nagging her?

I hope I'm not saying the wrong things, just the truth. It'll all be okay, there are people everywhere praying for you

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