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my ex fiance and i were dating for about 2 years, when i discover he was with another woman who was his ex girlfriend before i come into the picture, even thougth we were not living together i made sure every weekends i go and see him, we were in a long distance relationship, now i can't cope with anything it has been three months still i think about him and they are planing to get married it realy breaks my heart, why did he had to play me like this, i did everything for him, when i finded out that he was 2 timing both of us i went mad and told him every **** words i could find, but i never told him how i feel and how much he hurt me because he is a sturborn man, i don't think i will ever find another man i will love as much as i loved him, i will never find my true love, help me i cannot cope, how do i move on and forget about himRelationship?
I know it's hard, but you have to realize how lucky you are to be out of the relationship if he was two timing you. Try and look at it realistically. If you had stayed with him and gotten married - he probably still would have cheated on you. True love is hard to find and it will happen when you least expect it. Allow yourself some time to grieve and heal. But also be kind to yourself. Do something nice for yourself - get a hair cut, buy a new outfit, treat yourself to a nice dinner, go hang out with friends. And remember that you are better off being alone for the right reasons than being with someone for all the wrong reasons. It does get better and the right one will come along. But also remember that you are a complete and wonderful person even if you aren't in a relationship. You don't need a man to complete you. Peace.Relationship?
Time, only time will help.

The expression ';time heals old wounds '; is a true one. Wait and see.
there is a famous quote about putting things behind you ';put things behind you';
It takes time. You WILL get over it and find someone else and be happy. I know its the hardest thing in the world but you will move on. Try to stay busy and spend time with friends and family who love you.

Good Luck!
Take some self-esteem classes hon, you have none!

Don't you realize what a fool he was to two-time someone as wonderful as you? He's not your true love, he's an idiot who missed out on a good thing.

Whenever you start thinking those ';oh I miss him, woe is me'; thoughts, change the tape and think ';Whew! Am I lucky! Now the real Mr. Right can come into my life';
it will be hard for you sweet heart but you will learn to move on and it will take time. allow your self to grieve and be mad. i feel for you and wish that i could give you a hug....take care and god bless.
Read carefully what ';shadowtwi'; had to say. Sounds spot on! I think you are the lucky one, his partner should be worried.

If they will do it for you, they will do it to you...
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