Wednesday, August 18, 2010

People say babies/children can complicate a relationship? how is this so?

I have read a couple of question posted on Y/A stating that the stresses and changes of a child in a relationship can break apart even the most stable relationships prior baby? is this true?

I don't really understand how this is possible a child is very bonding to the other person and if anything it would give the couple a bigger reason to stay together and work on the relationshipPeople say babies/children can complicate a relationship? how is this so?
because babies are a lot of work and they stress people out.

when people are stressed, they take it out on other people.People say babies/children can complicate a relationship? how is this so?
lack of sex because more attention is towards the baby...males tend to get more jealous because they want attention like the baby...couples do not have enough time for each other anymore because of tending to the baby...

Sometimes the stress just gets to you as a couple...

As a couple you have less time together, broken sleep which makes you cranky..

domestic duties need to be shared

I think tiredness is a major factor in this...
Babies can put alot of stress on a couple which can break you apart. I know in my situation my son was all my responsibility i never get help from my husband and that causes alot of conflict between us. Kids do give you a bigger reason to stay and work things out but you can only try for so long.
Children force you to face your beliefs. Children also require structure and routine, and many happy, go-lucky couples have been stressed to have their way of life change when baby came along. As you raise a child, they have honest, sincere questions about the way the world works and about what is right and wrong. You have to face up to what you believe and give them an answer. Couples also are faced with things they may not have thought about before, such as how to discipline a child and how to handle the in-laws, who are now more in the picture than ever, wanting to see the little one and giving unwanted advice on child-rearing. Your protective instincts take over when you have a child, and you truly do become a different person. You would do anything for that child, and Heaven help the person who gets in the way! So, yes, there are many changes, and demands on your time, and some relationships do suffer. But it is also very rewarding. It's not for someone spoiled and selfish.
1. Everybody gets tired. Tired people are cranky people. Cranky people fight more.

2. Sex life suffers.

3. Disagreements about how to raise the child can be more heated than arguments about leaving the toilet seat up. Both parents have their own point of view, and nothing is more important than the child. For example, the mother thinks the father's parents are bad influences. This would be a difficult issue to resolve.

4. Jealousy. It is sad but true that many men will feel jealous of the attention their baby receives from their wife.

5. More outside influences. Family and friends may feel the need to give opinions on your life when they otherwise would not.
Textbook divorce:

When a baby comes into the picture, it's all about the baby. Just as a woman sees romance as love, a man sees sex as love. He gets no attention, no love, and feels excluded by her. ';I'm tired';, and ';The baby might hear us.'; and ';I have a headache'; are like venom to a guy. He, feeling betrayed and lonely, will either have an affair to get his fill, or do the same to her and ignore her needs. I don't need to explain the rest, it's just a downward spiral.

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