Friday, August 20, 2010


What can i do to get the most of a relationship? I dont mean sex.. I mean love... How can i make that girl want me more minute by minute , think of me every minute and want to be with me evry second? Is there any ways that i can make a girl love me so much?..Relationship?
Remember that girls fall in love with their EARS.Relationship?
jst try n be her best frend as a gal try 2 find its lover in her best frend

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You want someone to be obsessed with you and think about nothing else only a robot is like that, No one thinks about anyone else all the time. People have studies jobs to think about, however much someone loves you they cannot think about you all the time. God loves you though and You are special to God, he has an everlasting love for you, discover how much God loves you you are the apple of his eye. You know you could scare girls away bu being so demanding. Relax stop looking for love in others. Learn to love yourself as well, you are important and special. God loves you just as you are when you relize this you will stop looking for it in others. The more you value yourself the more you will attract the right person for the right reasons. take care God bless Denise.
you can never make anyone love you they have to get to know you first.First comes lust then love.Goodluck on that 1=)
You can't make her love you. Just be yourself, don't put up a front. Girls can straight through that. Spend time withher, make her feel special.

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