Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is love to you guys? and what do you need,to have that spark!?

Ok,so pretty much im done with my parents.mostly my dad,i hate how he talks to my mom,%26amp; always asking(begging) for sex.if my mother doesn't what to sleep with him,he explodes,%26amp; gets mad for over a weeks,till they have sex.

i understand that you need,that sexuality in a relationship,to make a marriage last,but my dads over doing it.i've done my research,i've asked over 40 married Alduts and,even senior couples that been married over 50years.younge alduts and teens.

%26lt;big%26gt;%26amp; im asking you guys,these Questions that i've asked them,can you please answer me.

-what is love to you?

-do you really need sex,everyday for your whole life?

-is the answer abusing a person,for you to have sex,everytime?

-how old have u been,married/in a relationship?

-would you be with the that person,if they ever hit you?

-would you leave that person,if they just wanted sex,and didn't even want to talk to you?

if u guy wanna,say something else.please do..

a lil more info,I've been waiting to sit my parents down,and talk about this for over a 3year,im not sure if its a right thing for a 16year old teen to be siting her parents down,and talking about abusive sex.

but its something i kinda gotta do,cause i love my mom,%26amp; i want them to be married,for a vary long time..but in a healthy relationship..

my dad,ever Sense i could remember,always talked to my mom,aggressively about sex(';you have to';';now';';later tonight,we will';) i know its not even RIGHT,to talk to MY mother that way,or any women,that doesn't want to have sex.she always trys to not talk about thoses things,and trys to ignore it as much as she can.

my dad always brings her,and me,flowers every heart broke when i heard him telling my mom,that he only brings her roses for her to have sex!

i'ved heard my mom,crying after shes done having sex,deep down i know my mom is not into having sex 2times a day,for over 28years of her marrage.i mean if it was me?! i would be bored of it.

that's all they fight about,but they keep it down low,cause he still thinks i don't know about he trys not to use the word ';sex';

my dads stuck in the old days,he doesn't let my mom out of the house,%26amp; only wants her to clean,feed him when he's home,and work.

i hate seeing my mom! like this,they had a huge fight,this year.they where gonna Split up,but then he begged her not to leave,and like always she fell for his ******* trap,but he calmed down,a little,but now its starting again how hes acting,and hitting my mom.

my dads 49%26amp;mom 45.

i might have,alot of balls to stand up for my mom,%26amp; stand up to him.

but its something i need to do,today.its going to far now.

i know to much about sex,its something im kinda interested in,%26amp;im in a health *** relationship with my boyfriend,of 2years,i know im still Young,%26amp; some of you might be thinking';wtf is this girl about to do'; but you know what,i love my mom,%26amp; ill do anything for her health.What is love to you guys? and what do you need,to have that spark!?
for, me, i started dreaming about him, and we caught each other's eye in the hallway, then I started getting depressed and emo, and I coudn't get him out of my head. Just let it come to you, forcing love isn't just stupid, it's impossible. No, you don't need sex, and i'm sorry for you and your parents, good luck! :)

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