Friday, August 20, 2010

One more question for you - how does this sound for a start?

If you didn't see my other two questions, here's the deal: my friend and I want to make a website with high school help and advice. How do these topics sound?

Starting/Being a Freshman

- Information on orientation, the first few weeks, meeting new people, ';culture'; shock, teachers, etc.

Getting Through

- How to make the days more enjoyable and keep yourself motivated


- Making and keeping friends and dealing with issues


- Talking to people of the opposite sex, making a move, handling relationships


- How to do it, when to do it, where to do it, etc.


- Advice for what to get involved in, what you can expect, the opportunities you have, etc.

Is there anything you would remove or add? We're open to any ideas. Thank you again!One more question for you - how does this sound for a start?
Looks good. How about a section on Transferring. It's definitely different than being a Freshman.One more question for you - how does this sound for a start?
Sounds good, but as somebody mentioned in the last question a bullying section would be a REALLY good idea.
You need a bullying section :( think of all the teens who would need it! :(



- How you know you're being bullied

- How to get help for bullying

- What to do when others are being bullied

I was harassed before, but didn't know how to handle it. (I'm sure people have been harassed before as well) Imagine if I did something really bad to myself, what if I had a website to help me with being bullied/harassed. You could possibly save a life (sorry if i sounded corny or stupid)

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