Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do I write a sociological analysis paper?

I watched a movie ';In her shoes'; and now I'm expected to write a sociological analysis paper. We are supposed to pick a theory discussed in class and identify the theories. I was going to use the theory Symbolic interactionism because of the relationships between the characters and how they judge their actions towards each other because of their life experience. Anyway, how do I write a paper about this? I haven't ever wrote a sociological analysis paper before and our instructor didn't give us much to go off ofHow do I write a sociological analysis paper?
to write this you need to make bullet points of all the different points that you have to write about. then you need to starts writing your analysis. firstly start of with an introduction. in this you must state what you are going to write about. then start writing up your bullet points one by one. when writing each point you need to get the POINT then EXPLAIN and don't forget an EXAMPLE to back up your idea. do this all the way through then at the end finish your work by giving a short conclusion of your overall study.

So remember PEE (point explain and example)

Good Luck!

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