Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you regain trust from your boyfriend?

After having a rough start of our relationship due to the past i had with my ex that i didnt end, how do you gain trust againHow do you regain trust from your boyfriend?
it depends on the situation.. what made it rough?

what makes it relationship work is that you have to respect each other, have faith in each other, trust each other, care for each other, etc.

you can't really keep secrets, like cheating on the other person, you shouldn't let that happen.. but if you do, you need to tell them. you have to let them know that you care, that you're there for them, that you trust them, that you respect them, if you don't, most likely it won't work for a long time.How do you regain trust from your boyfriend?
It's hard to say...when you lose trust over something like that, it really is nearly impossible to gain it back. I don't know...sit down with him and get all the things that you might still haven't told him out on the table, to show him that you're resolving to be honest with him for here on out, and try to be completely honest from now on...
boy, that's a tough question to answer. i won't give you any false hopes of any kind. i'm sorry but what ever you do to change things the past is always lingering close by. stay in tune for something to prove yourself to him and grab onto it. it might still take many of those proofs to get what you want. living the reformed life style will succeed for you . he can tell....i could .
Give him damn near everything he asks. And if he asks for something unreasonable, then don't get angry at him just try to calmly explain why you have a problem with it. Two or three weeks of that should be the solution you're looking for, anything more and he might be using you.
Trust in earned. With any type of relationship, it usually takes a long time to earn full trust.

So give your relationship time and love, be open and, of course, don't do anything else to break that trust.
This one is entirely up to you. No-one knows you two like you two, so I really couldn't tell you what makes him tick. I could only recommend sticking to any promises you make and following through with promises you make to yourself.

Good luck :)
It's kind of difficult. But try to do things that will slowly let your boyf regain trust in you. But it might take a long time I'm afraid. However if you really love your boyf, you gotta try it. Good luck!:)
In order for someone to have trust in you, you need to be, wait for it.......TRUSTWORTHY!

What does that mean exactly!? Trust boils down to honesty. So if you are honest, he MAY trust you again someday.
Give him everything he wants, no matter what it is!
Get a New ONE!!
you cant; once you lose trust; its damn near impossible to get back

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