Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ladies, how do women contribute 50:50 to a relationship?

When it comes down to it, almost all of the responsibility is for the guy. The girl just has to lie back and not worry about anything because a guy ';should'; be the one to provide everything, and be the one to protect the girl. Sounds more like 90:10 to me, so how do women contribute a full 50?Ladies, how do women contribute 50:50 to a relationship?
Blowjobs. Lots of them.Ladies, how do women contribute 50:50 to a relationship?
well i raise five kids while keeping a 3,000sq foot house immaculate, and make three full meals a day for the entire family.

i KNOW i do half the work.
make us dinner, clean, take care of the children, give us sex, give us is 50/50 don't over think it
Wow. Stereotypical much? Back when my dad was alive, he and my mum shared equal duties. They both worked steady jobs, both took turns cooking, both took turns watching the kids, feeding the pets, etc.
It depends on the relationship. Not everything is 50/50 in all aspects of a relationship. Some areas may be 90/10 and others will be 10/90. It all evens out in the end or obviously it would never work!
Dude, it's not about a ratio. You can't put a ratio on a relationship.

Relationships happen as they may. Think about it and stop asking dumb questions.
Not sure where you're getting your info... every relationship is different. Maybe some girls 'lie back and not worry', but most girls I know do almost all of the work in the relationship, initiating conversation, solving problems, planning the wedding/events, cleaning the house, remembering important dates, making meals, etc etc etc. But each relationship is different, and the girl and guy should talk about what expectations they have about their respective roles. If they find a balance they are both happy with and is healthy, that's all that matters.
I think this must be true. Guys have to pay for dates, protect her, make all the first moves, and if her can't do these basic things, then he has no chance with said girl.

Women do contribute their amazing good looks tho. If that counts, cause i provide that too.
It kind of sounds like you are complaining. But it depends on the relationship.

In mine, we take turns paying for our dates, and we listen to each other and work with one another. It's all about communication, so if you feel that you are doing a lot of the work, then talk with the person you are with. But if you just want to ***** about women and situations you don't know, go away.
Examples. please.

No relationship is 50/50. That is unreasonable to expect that. burdens shift as circumstances change throughout life. to believe a couple deals with everything with a dead on 50/50 division of burden is setting yourself up for failure.

What if you get in an accident or become ill and she has to take care of you? Things happen all the time in life.
Don't worry with an attitude like yours you will be doing 100% of the work. Because no woman will want to marry a man that thinks the way you do.
The contribution of the women isn't fully seen, as the men's is. But I think the women's contribution is just as much as the man's. Women are there to support decisions and lend helping hands. Although it might not seem like much the women actually does more for a relationship than you may notice. Look carefully. Women don't really do the ';hard labor';.

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