Friday, August 20, 2010

How can I choose a career that honors God?

So I am going to be finished with high school pretty soon and have started thinking about college, but Im not sure if what I want to do honors God. I love history and would love and would love to do that, but does it honor God? I also am interested in art, music, and writing but Im really not sure if these are careers for a person in a relationship with Christ.How can I choose a career that honors God?
Go to Africa and feed the dying children.How can I choose a career that honors God?
Well the best of course involves working with spirit, such as a spiritual healer. But of course not many can do this. But I dont think it really matters, maybe do something where you feel you make a difference. Just follow your heart. :)
Of course they are! There is absolutely nothing about any of your listed careers which proves to be anti- God. It says in the bible that God gives us gifts and talents to use to honor him. Therefore, God granted you with the talents of art, music, and writing so its important that you find a way to honor him through those interests. However, it doesn't have to be directly. You can honor him simply in the way you live your life and conduct yourself at work so that you inspire others to live like you n a God-fearing manner. You can also honor him by not writing or creating art and music that sends negative message. Ultimately, it is important that your actions and your personality honor him.

If you really want a career directly linked to God and your religion, here are a few options:

-Christian Author (Create fictions or novels created around the image of God and those who love/ honor him... if you haven't heard of this, check out a christian book store. I recommend the Christy Miller Collection)

-Christian Musician

-Design Christian T-shirts

-Design logos/ advertisements for Christian organizations.

-Illustrate for Christian story books.

There are hundreds of possibilities for you to find a career centered around your interests while still honoring God!

P.s: Good for you! I think it's great that you are so concerned with God's desires for your life and focusing on honoring him. Remember to pray and ask him to lead you in the right direction of picking a career path.

Good luck, I'll be praying for you!
You don't have to become a pastor or a missionary to honor God. You can do that in any profession, the best thing to do is to pray and ask God what HE wants you to do.
Study Chaplaincy...
Maybe Catholic Social Justice or something?

Church musician, or religious instructor/advisor?
Pray about it, and God will open then door that's right for you.
We are created in his image, if you feel like you have a knack for something, than you should pursue it. If you want a job that suppoorts the church, perhaps you could look into historians at the vatican, cathedrals, or history museums (as most have some aspect of religion). Hope that helps
God gave you talents %26amp; skills. Honor him by pursuing them, not by sacrificing them for some ';higher purpose.';
what ever you chose, remember the younger generation look up to those before them, it has always been this way, therefor the saying you are your brothers keeper
As long as you honor and glorify him in whatever you do, He will bless you. Shine for Jesus!
You might discover the answer by attending a school where the goal is to prepare men and women to serve God.

I'm sure there are more.
Just do what you want to do with your life- religion isn't supposed to be something to hold you back.

I mean, as long as you don't plan on working the street corner or something like that, you're fine.
Maybe just study what ur into like art, music, history and then work as a teacher in a Christian school?

I would suggest u to pray and see what God tells u...

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