Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I wish to have an illicit relationship just for a try, Is it ok?

I have been married for four years with no other illicit relationship. I wish to try how thrilling it is to have one, is it okay?I wish to have an illicit relationship just for a try, Is it ok?
If you need to clear it with a bunch of strangers you are probably not ready to have any adult relationships. Learn how to be an adult before you consider seriously complicating your life.

You should be aware by now how an extra-marital affair might affect your spouse and your marriage.

You approach the subject with the simplicity and self-absorption of a child. I suggest counseling.I wish to have an illicit relationship just for a try, Is it ok?
It's not thrilling,it's stressful. Are you gonna put what you have built with your husband for a 5 sec romp in the hay. You will also give him reason to divorce you,and if you want a divorce ,just get one.

It can demolish more than your marriage,it has long reaching fingers. Spice up your own marriage instead.
Why do you wish to try after being faithful for 4 years? Is there already someone you have in mind? Perhaps a work colleague or other acquaintance? Don't do it. You'll feel like a dog and when your wife finds out she'll treat you like one.
Dude! it's awesome. The new exciting sex, and the sex at home it is a win win. Until the morning you wake up and your penis is super glued to your thigh and your classic car has 9 pick axes sticking out of it.
Best to do it with a prostitute so at least when your wife finds out you can say it was emotionless and just screwing, its making love with her
if you are still married, than no. If you are single than you can date and sleep with who you want.
It's called adultery, and it's one of the 10 commandments (Exodus 20).
You can't live all of life if you don't break the rules.
Sure its fine. Its also fine if you pour lighter fluid on your ballz and light them on fire.
Oh yes how thrilling this will be.................just picture how the scorned woman rips your asss apart in court. Yes....thrilling Johnny.....
No. It is NOT ok,it will never be ok.

Cheaters should be castrated.
The biggest thrill is when your wife finds out and she takes you to the cleaners
Pfff, no. Troll.
oh no.. stay away from those relationship.. it can ruin your life and marriage ( if you have a good marriage now)

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