Monday, August 16, 2010

Please give me some advice on how to move on :(?

I just recently got out of a 3 year relationship, who was at first my bestfriend, and then my first love - and I hers. She's hurt me alot, lying - breaking promises etc. And now, 3 days later after we break up (And even before we broke up she did this) She went on a date with a 28 year old and she's 19!! Im 20..

I mean, this guy is too old for her, but they've gone on several dates, and even have kissed and she still won't admit she's dating this guy... Also, he goes against her beliefs - She is religious and said she wanted a guy close to God, and this guy is an Athiest...I just don't know what her problem is and I'm hurting so bad and I want to get over her sooooo badly...I always have an urge to call her and see her and I know I shouldn't but sometimes I do call her and we talk...I don't know - And the ****** up part is whenever we see eachother alone she always tries to kiss me and sometimes I give in...

What can I do to move on? I'm moving to a different city in a month to be closer to family and goto school in the fall and get my life on track. She always told me she wants to see me in a couple of years and is never going to close the door between us...

Please give me some great advice to move on from your first love - It hurts so bad :(Please give me some advice on how to move on :(?
Yeah it does hurt a lot.

Too bad there isn't a support group for this kind of thing because it's a real need out there.

You just have to get through it any way you can. Just don't hurt yourself or anyone else. Hang in there. It takes time. KEEP BUSY!!Please give me some advice on how to move on :(?
It is really hard to get over your first love. I would suggest you distance yourself from her until you have healed. If you continue to be around her, you're only hurting yourself by allowing yourself to fall back into that comfortable place with her, not to mention allowing yourself to get hurt if you see her with that guy.

There's really nothing I can say to make you feel better, but some things I did to keep my mind off of my first breakup was definitely keeping myself busy. I started drawing, painting angry murals on my wall, writing and most of all (the thing that helped me the most) was talking to complete strangers on chat sites. They had a room for broken hearts and I took advantage of getting all of my frustrations out to one or more people who always had my back. I didn't care what I sounded like, didn't care what they thought, I just needed a stranger to vent. And it helped for me. I also had a great support system with friends and family who did everything they could to help me keep my mind occupied. So I hope you have a strong support system as well. And get tons and tons of movies and just watch them all day long until you've exhausted your eyes!

Eventually, time will heal your pain and you will get better. Take it one day at a time, and remember it's okay to cry, vent, get angry whatever way helps you feel better. Go find something that helps you. And please, distance yourself from her so that she doesn't take advantage of you. You seem like a sweet guy and she's taking advantage of that. Good luck
Sounds like you are following her around a bit. If you are, you should stop that at once. It always hurts when someone you think you love breaks up with you. But it happens to most people, really, and we all eventually get over it. At least if we are normal, healthy people. The thing is you cannot allow yourself to obsess over her. It is hard to face ';it's over'; head on, but only when you can do that, are you able to look around for something else to do.

Moving, since you had plans to do so anyway, is a good thing. You do not have to keep the door open and looking for her in a couple of years, just because of what she said. In fact, it is probably a better idea to let it gently close. If it is over, it is over, and seeing her again might just set you back when you are finally getting on your feet again. Do not put yourself through that for say, 30-40 years. You know that you deserve a happy life. That is not likely to happen with someone who lies and breaks her promises to you. Not all girls are like this. You should be focusing on nicer girls, when you get around to it. Good luck.

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