Friday, August 20, 2010


I currently have a very good friend who I have sept with once since we stopped dating. He now has a girfriend and I want her to know that he is stepping out on her....I have written her e-mails and talked to her, but I keep telling him that it is not me. I tell him that it is her and luckily he believes me. I still have strong feelings for him and I would do anything, such as what I have done, to get him back. If I tell him that I have been e-mailing her then he will stop talking to me. How can I be honest with him, and keep him as a friend?Relationship?
I hate to point out to you something you probably already know, but what you're doing is wrong. Let me rephrase that: lying to this guy is wrong. You did what you did with a man who is supposed to be committed to another. I've been there, done that, felt guilty, got over it. That being said, why do you want her to know? Because you think he was wrong in cheating? Because you feel guilty? Now did you think about the fact that since he cheated on her, he might cheat on you if the two of you were to get back together? Or do you truly believe what the two of you have is that different? And sadly, there is no easy way out of this predicament. If you care so much about him, you need to tell him the truth. Its a tough thing to do, I do, but its what you gotta do. He'll probably get upset, but you had it coming. If he's the generous sort, he'll still be a friend. Or you could just keep going the way you are and not tell him, keep denying it, who knows, maybe that'll be easier.Relationship?
Just keep lying or you could tell him the truth and be miserable all your life.
Do not sleep with people who are involved. Worry a little more about your dignity and a little less about your feelings and friendships, and both of those will be better off as well.
Personally.....if I were you....I'd take his pet dog and bbq it over his fireplace....let him find it. Then I'd take used tampons and a little duct tape and write ';I luv u'; on his bathroom mirror, then I'd take a soldering gun and burn his name onto my back, call the cops, say he did it in a moment of violent passion (lot of tears) then visit him in jail and tell him you'll testify in court that you asked for it if he promises marry you. If he says yes....get it witnessed and notarized.
First what are you thinking emailing the new girlfriend. He will surely find out it's you! Stop now! Why don't you just be honest and tell him you still have feelings for him. Find out if there's any way you can start to see each other on a more personal basis. What you're currently doing just makes him turn towards her. Silly girl if he's stepping out on her, he probably is seeing not only you but others as well. Is this really the kind of guy you want? Reconsider this entire relationship, sounds like all the girls in his life are going to be hurt one way or another.
You need to make up your mind if you want him as a friend or lover... first, don't let him know about the emails... you'll for sure lose him''' next, do you think he'll cheat on you??? that's something to think about... also the girl may rat you out on the emails and you tellingall the details of his extra on the side... back off wll of it... and win him over the right way... then you'll have him forever... if you stick to the person he falls in love with... hope this helps...

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