Monday, August 16, 2010

Long Distance Relationship For a Month Advice?

Ill be going away for one month during the summer and i have a boyfriend who i have been with for over a year, im not used to being without him. i am worried we might break up. if anybody has any advice on how to deal with a long distance relationship for a month pls help :)Long Distance Relationship For a Month Advice?
Just be in constant communication and before you leave spend time with him as much as you can and make him feel that he is the only man for you. Make the most of it. Plus, you'll surely will survive the distance when you have complete trust with each other.Long Distance Relationship For a Month Advice?
Stay true for each other. ;)
Try 7 months. It's not easy. Just try to contact him as much as possible, but don't make it seem like you need him to exist or he might get kind of weirded out by it. And you should also look to see if he makes the same effort to contact you. I don't want to scare you, but if he doesn't something might be wrong. Have faith and trust, key parts of a relationship.

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