Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do I assure my girlfriend that I'm not leaving her?

She keeps on thinking I'm gonna leave her. She thinks that when we start college everything is gonna change. I agree that college is a very, very big change in both our lives. I also agree that it will affect our relationship. However, who says that that effect has to be a negative one? Her mind is like permanently set to think that I'm going to change because of the new people I meet in college, the parties she thinks I'm going to go to, and the drinking I'm supposedly going to do. I know that things will be a bit different, but I will still love her and be hers and hers only. I already told her I'm not going to be one of those guys who goes to a party every weekend. I also told her that I won't go to a party without asking her to come with me. Also, I'm not that big og a party guy. However she thinks I am because I told her I went to a couple parties before I dated her( my past). She thinks I'm like a party maniac and will do things with other girls. However, I have more fun spending alone time with her or out doing stuff with my guy friends like bungee jumping or snow boarding and stuff. Also she mentioned that a month of 2 ago she noticed a change in me that she said she was '; going to'; get mad at. But she didnt. I asked her if it bothered her now but she said no. I don't notice any change in me though. I've been the same. I'm fine if she's telling the truth about nothing bothering her( my change), but I can't make sure of that.

Now, my side of the story, I think she is the one that's going to change once college starts. I already sense it now that she just turned 18. She likes the partying and drinking and all of that clubbing stuff. She continiously and subconsciously talks about it. Of course I don't want a girl who likes all that stuff. She says she's been good all her life and she wants her fun. But she also said she doesn't want me to have female friends, or go to parties. And that's fine by me. I don't mind her having fun either as long as whatever she does doesn't affect out relationship. Like, if I find her drunk, I'm not okay with it whether or not she cheated when she was drunk. But I allow her to drink and I think that's fair enough. Also, if she's flirting and or doing things with other guys at clubs, obviously I'm not okay with that. Also, if she's one of those people who goes clubbing and partying every week, that's not alright. I mean college is already time consuming and stressful enough. If she parties every second of free time she gets, I think it's time to let the relationship go. I mean if she chooses Heineken over me, then it's probably not worth it.

Anyway, lately she seems to be caring a lot about how college is going to change our relationship. And how everything is going to change once college begins. That touches me. Thus, I sort of drop the whole wanting to party side of her. I just want to assure her I'm not leaving. I'm staying by her side. I want her to know that the wind won't blow us away if we want to stand togetherHow do I assure my girlfriend that I'm not leaving her?
dude just take her out on a date and tell her that nothing could ever make u break up with her cause she is the most wonderful person that u have ever met and if that dosent work then tell her that ever vacation u get u will spend ever last moment with her . but i hope that u 2 can stay together cause this poor world needs more love in itHow do I assure my girlfriend that I'm not leaving her?
I'm also in a relationship and will be going to college next year. Whether you like it or not, it's really hard to sustain a stable relationship when you're in college. There's amazing people out there that you've yet to meet, so keep an open mind. It also seems like you made up your mind about your girlfriend. You say that she's a party-goer and loves to have fun, but once she picks Heineken over's over. Why don't you stay with her for the first month of college, then if things change, tell her that maybe it's best if you two go your separate ways.
Get her a promise ring to let her know you really do love her and want it to always last

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