Monday, August 16, 2010

Relationship advice plz!! best answer 10 points!!?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now and we've been through a lot..we both care for each other so much but this past 2 months he's showed me that he's stopped caring..nothing like stop calling or talking to anyone else or.. anything hes truly a good bf..he calls..takes care of me..and etc..its just recently if we've argued he doesnt care to work things out if im upset..he doesnt care to let me get off the phone upset when he never let that happen..he shows me that all he cares about is his spending time with his friends..i dont know if its a stage and i told him how i feel..that he doesnt show me that he cares anymore and all he says is ..I DO CARE..but to me hes not showing that and recently ive been talking to a brick wall..ive been upset..i really want to be with him but i just need tips to help me not get mad easily and basically not care as much also since he's sounds confusing but it just bugs me how the relationship is changing! thank you!Relationship advice plz!! best answer 10 points!!?
my advice is, just leave him alone for about a week, let him do what he wants, but you should just act the same way back to him, make him think you dont ';care'; either. Make him jealous also, that will make him want you more.Relationship advice plz!! best answer 10 points!!?
this happens in every relationship, at one point it will be you at another it will be him - sometimes when you've been in a long relationship, you take the other for granted, you don't mean for it to happen but it does...How about you also show that you don't care, spend a bit more time with you girl friends - talk to them about your know they will be there for you, and when things have cooled down your bf will be there ready to talk to you. Maybe he just needs his space - let him have it, you've said he loves and truly cares..he isnt going to go anywhere. Dw too much, there's only so much you can do to make a person listen and if they don't want to, don't force it...he will come to you when he wants to. Until then ..let him know you want to talk and tell him you will talk when he is ready to listen. That's all i can suggest..

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See if the two of you kind find a quite, private place to talk it all out. Don't let this/ these problems hurt your relationship....

Talk it out!

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