Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Will women that are disgusted with men that will have sex with anyone without a relationship vent anger please?

Firstly I hate this site but as it gets so many hits it's the only way I see fit to have it get out there.

I'm a man, and no, i'm not a homosexual but also would not have sex with any pretty girl that looked my way.

Frankly, I find such men to have no integrity whatsoever and are pathetic as they cannot control their hormones. Society has changed the youth of today to create a dividing line between sex and relationship which I feel should not be in existence.

Sex and a true relationship should be linked and between two people - I don't believe in shopping around for the right one, I believe in looking for the first one from the start if possible, which mean taking your time and choosing wisely and then taking even more time seeing how your relationship grows. I believe that physical attractiveness while being important cannot be the only factor. If a girl is really physically attractive to a guy(for the women reading reverse that) I think that he should at least get to know the woman, as a person. I don't mean one or two months, I mean really get to know them and if in time they feel that they can trust that individual and have formed a relationship that makes the man know the woman as a friend and know their personality and life values to be attractive as well. Although i'm still a little leary about sex outside of marriage due to my family's past* of christian influence but if considerable time has been involved(such as 6-12 months at the absolute minimum) then I could see it working outside of marriage.

My main concern is that actual love has developed for as much as the world may preach that you can fall in love at first sight, you can't.

Sight relays nothing but the physical attributes, therefore there is only lust at first site.

Call me old fashioned, a loser, pathetic or anything else you would like but I am 20 years of age and a virgin. Yes, I have had relationships and recently just broke up with my girlfriend after she told me she had been unfaithful. I'm currently trying to work it out so we can either be friends or to get her to make the changes in her life that would keep the circumstances from happening again so that I could forgive her and take her back. I just wanted to say that because some ';bigshot'; is going to say I am an ugly **** that can't even get a girlfriend.


I realize there are also women who may do the same but I would mention that the men take up the majority of the numbers for it.

So go ahead and rant with other people that also feel this way and if there are any guys that feel the same(which will be very rare) please feel free to enter your input as well.

This thread was intended for mature answers, not teens who don't know what they're talking about because they rarely do nowadays, and please try to make yourself not look like an idiot and at the least, attempt proper grammar as I have tried. Thank you.Will women that are disgusted with men that will have sex with anyone without a relationship vent anger please?
I agree with you one hundred percent.

I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend cheating on you. Nobody deserves that.Will women that are disgusted with men that will have sex with anyone without a relationship vent anger please?
There are women out there who feel the same, dude. You just need to find them ;)

Most are Christian.
Wauuu ! Was that a question? or are you trying to complaint to society? better move to another place! you dont seem to like this one! YOU ARE _NOT PERFECT mister! and STOP BEING SO CRITICAL to evreyone! you are not better than others, only different!
I've had sex without a relationship (before I was married), and I'm a woman. Sometimes you just need to get laid.

Sorry your girlfriend cheated on you, but the premarital sex argument has nothing to do with that. She could have married you and cheated on you after you were married. Waiting for marriage doesn't protect you against infidelity.
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