Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black Women of OC&G: How many of you still read Essence?

I had a discussion with my mother and she told me that she doesn't read Essence anymore because it no longer talks about becoming a being fulfilled with yourself and having mental peace with yourself and who you are. That is has become the black Cosmopolitan an only talks about dating and clothes. And why BM/WM relationships hurt black women, while encouraging black women to date out.

So how many of you still read Essence?

B.Q. Do you think Essence has sold out?Black Women of OC%26amp;G: How many of you still read Essence?
essence has so sold out

why does everything have to be about relationshipsBlack Women of OC%26amp;G: How many of you still read Essence?
I don't read Essence.

BQ: don't know I don't read it.
I don't like Essence anymore.

BQ: Yes I do, most black women I know including my mother don't read Essence anymore. They keep on talking about the same issues.
Nah not really....I used to read ';Ebony'; alot too but I dont really care about their articles
Never have. Well, in line at the grocery store I scanned through it every once in a while but that's all.
I never read it. I just scan through it and look at the pictures.
I currently subscribe to Essence magazine.

B.Q. - I can't say. I just began reading the magazine so I honestly don't know how the magazine was in the past and if it has lost its quality or not. Personally, I like the magazine. I do agree that Essense talks waaay too much about BM/WW relationships (and I think that this needs to cease because it makes us as BW look VERY insecure), but Essense does highlight other relevant subjects within our community such as the achievement gap between Black and White students and the issue of Black teen pregnancy. I've even used Essense as a source to retaliate against these racist trolls on here because I do learn from the magazine. It is not entirely about ';dating and clothes';. I actually find that absurd because the magazine stresses a lot more than that. I like their ';Money'; columns and articles because it teaches you better money spending habits, the importance of saving and investing, ect. Why do they talk soooo much about this? Because a lot of Black people do not handle their money correctly! There is a lot of focus on relationships in the magaine, yes that is true. But don't BW constantly nag and complain about relationship issues and about how they cannot find a good man???! Hair is covered a lot in Essense, but it's because a lot of BW don't know how to properly manage their hair so why not teach us something about it? I don't fine Essense really materialistic. Yes, they have a fashion column as well but must we pick at and tear down everything? Why aren't BW allowed to be interested in fashion now? It's ok for White magazines to explore a wide range of interests to women such as fashion, style, makeup, and clothes, but why must we complain about it when our magazine does the same thing? That's all Essense is doing: exploring interests. In the April issue, they had an article 40 Ways to Get a Fresh Start for Spring, which offered very refreshing tips on how to to better all aspects of one's life - looks, relationships, finances, career, health, and spirit. There is nothing wrong with exploring other aspects of our lives!

I suppose that Essense can write more about personal peace and fulfillment. Whether that used to be stressed more in the past magazines, I have no clue because like I said I just began reading the magazine. But the magazine is doing an awesome job of promoting the progression and succession of BW! And I think that more of us need to support it because the day this magazine falls from the shelves (along with Ebony, though I don't really read that), we will whine and cry about how there are no magazine publications for us!
I thought you boons and coons just read Jet and Ebony magazine?

Oh, nevermind, you sheboons cant read

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