Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to start a relationship?

OK. I' a freshman in highschool, and I'm the shy type. I may have found the girl of my dreams. I wanna ask her out some-time, but I'm not great at talking to girls :l Help??How to start a relationship?
Trust me buddy, there will be many many more women that will be ';the girl of my dreams';. No matter how important this one is, i can guarantee too, 95% of the time you'll find another one. Don't worry about it in high school.

Just remember, when people are teens, everyone's brain is programmed to feel like **** all the time so otherwise just smiling and maybe later saying hi can make the girl notice you and maybe make her think about you. When you actually talk to her and get to know her name, begin saying ';hi, (insert name)'; the girl will then know she is of some importance to you. work your way up from there.How to start a relationship?
Try starting a simple conversation. Just walk up and say ';Hey';, or ask her questions like what the homework was in one class. We girls like it when guy's make the first move. It shows they actually care. My crush always just stares at me and he never talks to me (he's shy also) so I grew tired of him eventually. Just go for it!
realy realy just hang out with her try to over come that shy side of u.....underneth is probly a sweet funny cute guy

walk her to class compliment her on her hair
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