Friday, August 20, 2010

How do i get out of this relationship?

okay so this is an extremely complicated situation. A year ago i met this girl who at first i hated, but then she kept talking to me day and night, never stopping, and i began to realize that she was the only thing in my life that was really good. she was kind of mean to me, but also i felt like she wanted me to be happy. I became extremely attached to her, and then she moved really far away. I saw her once this year, and that was months ago%2How do i get out of this relationship?
ok. Just stop talking to her. It doesn't sound like you guys are in a relationship. Just tell her you are moving on/ you dont love her.How do i get out of this relationship?
Some times when you lose someone in your life, it is really hard and it might feel like an addiction... I do not know your situation and don't mean this in a bad way, maybe try to find another person that is concerned for you, and is not mean to you.
lessen your talks with her..and slowly end it up
Start talking to lots of other women. Eventually something will happen and you'll be attached to someone else. It's amazing how quick moving on can be.

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