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How long does it take to get over an ex?

This is the first girl I actually loved (Sorry if I sound ';too sensitive'; or what she would say when I tried to express real emotions) but were both 18 and I have been with girls before her that I have had sexual relationships with and that I hung out with but was never really attached to any of them. I was with this girl for 9 months and she started playin mind games and constantly wanting to fight; I eventually lost all trust for her. I finally found the strength to cut it off for good but how do I stop caring about her and who she is with? Will their be a time when I truly wont care who she is with or having sex with or is it somethin that will always bother me in the back of my head? I dont know how this stuff works but I just want to sincerely stop caring about her and it seems impossible right now.How long does it take to get over an ex?
About 1 minute if you go to the store and buy a pair of testicles and a bottle of jack daniels.How long does it take to get over an ex?
Yes your both very young
find some other girl to go out with
sometimes you never really get over them, but time heals all wounds.let go,but never forget,what doesnt break you makes you stronger.
You were with her for a long time, and you really hold her high up, so its going to take a while. There's no set amount of time, and you're right it may be never, but my bets are that you will move on and find many other people to be happy with. Don't just think about the good things that happened, remember her as she really was and why you broke up with her. She hurt you and wasn't the best for you, so thinking about her might happen, just remember that it couldn't have worked.
About 1 1/2 months. I know how you feel bro, I was in the same situation. To make it go by faster, delete her from your phone, and facebook, email, etc. When I was going through this before, no one was there to tell me that the terrible feeling your feeling right now doesn't last forever. Now, I don't even care about this girl and after 3 months, I finally found someone else who makes me feel the same way without the abuse. There was a perioid where I felt like I could never love anyone else or feel love.
Oh, you'll get over her. You are dwelling on someone who doesn't care about you. That would be enough for me to give her the boot, in my mind. As soon as you have another young lady in your life, to think about, to enjoy her company, you will see that your feelings for this other one will fade. You won't care about who she's with, what she's doing. The weight of that will be lifted. You probably won't forget her, but she'll only be pucked away in your mind and will soon have company as you go through life. Enjoy yourself, be with other people.
sometimes you never really let go but try your hardest.
Yes, eventually you will get over her. Give it time, that may sound like it won't work, but believe me it does.

Spend time with other girls, with your friends. Spend time with those who keep you happy, who are fun to be around and that helps to keep your mind off of her. Go out and have fun!

Don't live in the past, focus on yourself. Don't think about only the good things, think about the negative, it helps to get over the person.

Or, you could simply hook up with someone else, that usually helps.

There are plenty of girls around, you can't limit yourself to one. If it was meant to be, then you guys would of worked things out.
Hi, this is normal, that you still care about her, try to stay bz, work out, hang out with friends, and things like that. try to not visit places or things that remind u of her, avoid contact with her. make new girl friends and maybe you will find some one special that slowly will help you heal your wound!

Good Luck!

And yes, you found her perfect cuz you are in love with her, but once you get to fully get her out of your heart, another one will help you feel that way or even better! I AM SURE!
well i dont think you'll be getting over her very soon i was in the same situation i see my ex everyday and even though there's bad blood between us i would always try to help her, it doesnt help to bare grudges, at the end of the day you will be thinking about her alot more and it will take you much longer to get over her, so just go on with your life and stay busy for a while that will help you to think less about her and before you know it someone better would be coiming along and by that time she wont be a factor in your ife anymore
You will always have a special place in your heart for your first love (im assuming she is your first love) and you never forget about them or loose feelings for them sorry. You can however, move on and as you do, the feelings become faded. You just need to put all the happy memories in the back of your mind and think about why the relationship wasn't working and what you can take from it. A relationship cannot work if there is no trust, its basically a proven fact for many in your situation.

Anyways, keep yourself busy. Go to the gym and let off steam, sports club or go out with your mates, just dont sit at home dwelling over your memories. That's the worst thing you can do.

But time is the best healer, you will slowly but gradually find your feelings for her set aside.
The May 2010 issue of COSMO (ahem, spicy) says 8 weeks. That's hogwash, as the heart takes its own time to heal, but if you're punching the clock and want a theoretical time frame, that's as good as any. I'd say closer to a year only because you go through a period where your heart's alright, but your reality needs mending. You need to restructure the way you function in the world after a long relationship -- to get people to see you for you and not for who you were with this other person. This was in reference to longer relationships, though. 9 months is not exactly a ';long'; relationship, so I'd start out with COSMO's advice and move on from there as needed.

To get her out of your head, fill your head with new stuff. No, seriously! Short-term memory can only hold so much data, so you start off by getting a hobby that requires you to be creative AND analytical, to use your hands and calculate things with precision. Once you've mastered the technique, it gets sorted into your long-term memory and you get ';into'; the new hobby. It takes brain power to get the girl out of your head. Make sense? It will.

Also, don't forget to get enough sleep, eat well, and head out of the house looking good. Getting a new girl helps get the old girl out of your head too, lol.

Good luck and sorry you had to have that experience.
Unfortunately the heart is not like an on/off switch, it will take time, how much time depends on what you put into your life to fill the void she has left behind, it could be school, hobbies or another person. But don't expect it to be easy, it's not and don't expect that just because she has moved on with her life that she is happy, unless she is just a heartless person that wasn't in the relationship for the same/similar reasons as you were. with it being so new, it will seem impossible, even after time passes you may have a set back, but do know, you will recover. I believe every relationship that touches your heart leaves some sort of scar when it ends on a bad note, but use that as a reminder that love is possible and that not all people mean good by you. Don't take that pain into the next relationship, let the next lady make her own mistakes but be more attentive to have you feel.

I also must say i love your honesty and being able to express your feelings and emotions to me that is a true man..a coward would be the one acting like they are phased by the whole thing. NEVER let anyone make you feel like you are too soft or a sissy. DO YOU it is admirable to many woman and will help you going forth in life. be careful and don't let relationship change the person you are for the not let thy heart become hardened.
go back to her.also, if you felt like this about her the first time... i say breaking up with her was the worst thing ever. you can't feel like this ever again without her.
there is no time period for getting over an ex. if genuinely you are still in love with her, the wound takes longer to heal. do not try to get over her by going around with every other girl cause that doesn't work it only makes matters worst, like if one of the other girls fall in love with you it will crush them if they found out about the feelings you have for your ex, and it will hurt you to know that while you're with these other girls you're thinking about her. it would be impossible to really stop caring about her right now but give it some time i cant say how much time (sorry) but try not to spend all your time thinking about it Occupy your time with the things you must do, and with the things you love to do. you will get over her don't worry and the right 1 will come along

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