Friday, August 20, 2010


My bf %26amp; I had been together fo 6 years. but i think now it's time to split up. There are a lot of problems between us, problems can't be solved. I really can't hold on to this relationship anymore. He is 7 years older than me, andwe planned to married next year...How am i going to tell him that this relationship won't work, and won't last?? The problem is me, I changed.Relationship?
tell him the truth don't lead him on any further if your certain you want to end it, as you said tell him exactly that ';The problem is you, and that you've changed and thereis problems that can't be solved.Relationship?
Of course you changed- its been 6 years. The problem is that the two of you didnt change together. Have you been trying to deal with these issues at all? have you even brought them up to him?
Be honest and talk to him, let him know how you feel. You do not have any control as to how he will handle it. If you can't communicate this break up, how will you be able to communicate any sensitive issue once you are married?
just say it.... or then let time pass.. marry him and be miserable ........ then divorce him 5 years, two kids and ten pounds later.
just tell him the real reason, i know it;s hard for him to accept cuz as what you've said you've already planned to be married next year... i'd been to the same situation 1 year ago.. i had this guy and we've been together for 4 years and our parents already met and talked about the application of marriage license but after a few months... i changed, the feelings changed (i fell out of love).. i was actually thinking of the years we've spent together and all the things that we did but i also have to consider that it would be for a lifetime... so what i did was to tell him the truth, that i changed, that the problem is not him but it's me... remember that what is at stake is your life time life, so if you think you don't love him anymore then tell him rather than cheating yourself and him... just tell him, he'll still be hurt even if you'll try to do it in any way... it's the same thing, it still hurts... that's the way it is... he has to understand that love is a gamble...GO! GO! jia you! :-)

You need to face this. He needs to accept this. The fact is you have changed, there is nothing like he is 7 years older to you etc. The problems you said you find now and are not solvable all are alos because you want to justify what is going through your mind. But your final statement put it very truly. You changed. This is what a guy gets after having a 6 year relation with a woman. If a guy did this to a woman, many peoiple would have screamed over their heads as to how unfair he is! Now, it is so simple, ';I changed!'; There is no easy way. You have to face it. tell him you chanegd. Tell him just that. Dont tell he is 7 years older or the million problems you found that are not solvable. Okay. Just be brave and bold enough to take charge of the situation and tell him your changed and hence you could not continue this relation. Make sure atleast he has some people to take care of him, call in his friends to support him. All the best.

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