Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can I talk to my parents about me being spanked?

I am a 14 year-old who would like to be spanked other than be grounded. My parents are divorced and my dad hs remarried. I think if I am spanked instead that it will inprove our relationship. I just don't know how to talk with them. I am afraid that they will think I am going crazy if I talk with them. And just so you know, I reside in Kansas!How can I talk to my parents about me being spanked?
Just let them know (when you're not already in trouble); try bringing it up just after another punishment, like a grounding, is over.How can I talk to my parents about me being spanked?
14 is a little too old to be spanked. I was spanked and have no long lasting weird traumas about it. tell them that you're old enought to be reasoned with, and spanking is probably uncesessary now.
I think it is quite unusual for a 14 year old child to want to be spanked. Perhaps it is your way of dealing with some kind of guilt or something. Or maybe you just want to misbehave and not lose privileges. At any rate, you should not get to have a choice in the punishment. If getting grounded is that bad for you, you will have to improve your behavior to avoid being grounded.
Dude, you are 14, it's time to grow up and stop doing things that get you grounded. You are not a child any more you are a teenager. In just four short years you will be an adult.

Spanking is not going to do anything to improve your relationship nor is it going to work as a credible alternative to grounding. If your parents have any sense they would refuse to negotiate your punishments anyway.

It sounds to me as if you have other issues stemming from your parents divorce. Maybe you should try talking to someone about it.
Consider yourself lucky. I wish i had been grounded instead of spanked. maybe I wouldn't feel so bitter now.
Do you want to be spanked for punishment, or do you feel it'll help you get closer to your dad and stepmother? Either way, your best plan is to sit down with them and explain how you feel. It's really not as weird as all that.

Of course, you want to be spanked for erotic pleasure, that's a whole other ballgame and you should probably find yourself a girlfriend.
I got spanked at 14, 13 (lots) and younger. I don't think spanking will help your relationship. I know I deserved every spanking I got, but that is the only times I really hated my mom. My last one was three years ago. If I ever told my parents I wanted a spanking, they would send me to a counselor. BTW, I hated grounding too but not as much.
I guess you don't like being grounded, so you should avoid whatever behavior is causing them to ground you. I think they will just laugh if you say you'd rather be spanked. Most americans would not approve of spanking a 14-yr-old and it is not up to you to choose your punishment. That's why it's called punishment. I was born in kansas.
well first of all you have to have parents who would do that thing but also they would probably still ground you anyways parents usually stop spanking their kids at around 10 or so.. only because it stops working. the child realizes that all they get is littlepain and off they go to do it again. spanking is meant to deterr you from your wrong not just to remind you that you did a bad thing
You're a weirdo, get a life.
OMG i hope im not still spanked at 14, that would suck bad. my parents talk 2 me about it. its like come here now :((

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