Monday, August 16, 2010

How to get happy when you are depressed?

Relationship issues just want to be happy no advice on relationships just advice on how to get happy please!!!!!How to get happy when you are depressed?
Love yourself!!!How to get happy when you are depressed?
get all your friends and have a night out on the town life is too short to be depressed
Do stuff you love and more importantly do it with the people you love the most like family and friends.
besides what all these ladies are saying, if you do something active, you'll feel better. Got a dog? go for a jog with him or rollerblade with him. Go for a scenic walk/jog. jog when your not tired of jogging. ur a girl so idk if sit ups or push ups are appealing.. thats what i do. my body feels much better when i work out. something has to do with the chemicals in your brain. You satisfy that primal urge to move.

if u really want to be happy

you can summon your whole family to do a family jog or something. anything family related even if you got crappy bonds with em. its hard but possible to improve those bonds. u jus need strength.
When you are depressed all the negative thoughts come to the front of your mind so positive thing =happiness good luck
Just live your life. Love yourself. Treat yourself to anything that you want. Just appreciate life.
Usually when my and my honey are fighting I listen to music and sing. I listen to happy music and it cheers me up!
You need to realize your happiness is not based on your relationship. No relationship will ';make'; you happy. You need to be happy on your own, with yourself.

Part of that is enjoying the little things in life. The smell of springtime, your first morning coffee, your morning routine that gets the things done that need to be, the first flower in your garden, the sound of birds chirping, pride in doing your best at whatever it is you do, the smell of homemade turkey soup, the feel of a cat's soft fur. These are the kinds of things you look at to enjoy.

Have some pride in yourself, some confidence %26amp; self-esteem. Know that you're a good person, like who you are.
Depends on the person!! I would talk to my friends have a girls night ( no boys allowed!) get dressed up and all go to the movies, watch my fav shows, go to a puppy store! Sometimes exercising helps, get flirty and meet someone else! Watch sex and the city
Go on youtube and type in

';Sneezing Panda'; and watch you will be sure to laugh

or go type in funny babies.

Youtube helps (:
Sunlight helps. Get outside and into the open air. Do some exercise. Do a hobby you enjoy or watch a good movie. Call a friend.

If the depression persists, you may want to see a counselor or get meds. Depression is not fun so I wish you luck.
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