Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want to break up with my boyfriend...?

Okay so me and my boyfriend, lets say Jeremy, have been going out for almost five months now. I care about him and everything like I don't wanna lose him completely... But I really think we jumped into a relationship to fast. Like we didn't make time to get to know each other first and now the relationship for me is not worth wile for me anymore. I feel like being his friend and maybe us talking and hanging out like taking a break from commitment and step back so we wont end up hating each other or never talking again.

The problem is he's in love with me , and likes the relationship alot more than I do right now. I want a break from commitment and I want to be free. How do I tell him this? I don't want to hurt him, but I need to do this soon. I'm tired of being committed and living a lie. But whenever I get the courage to do it, I see him and I see how happy I make him and I chicken out. Help? This has been bothering me for over a week now. I don't want to see him sad, to see his reaction when I do this.I want to break up with my boyfriend...?
beat him upI want to break up with my boyfriend...?
just tell him that u guys maybe arent the best couple and just tell him that u should have a little time alone with-out each other
sit him down one/one.... and share yur true feeling with him. Leading someone is never GOOD.
welll. Sometimes you need to do whats best for you and even though it hurts the people around you,you cant make everyone happy,sometimes you need to put yourself first. It hurts but the best thing sometimes is very painful!

Tell him that you think you need a break but you would still like to be friends and maybe later you can try it out again,and tell him if he hates you or something you understand.

Trust me i know what your going through. And if he loves you enough he'll want the best for you also and he will give you space.

The best of luck!!;)
I think it's unfair and selfish of you to want to keep him as a friend guys find it heart-breaking to be friends with someone they're in love with. I should know i've been there.sorry it's not what you want to hear as for breaking up with him be firm and fair but try to let him say everything he wants to as if you don't he may get hung up about the break up and will not be able to get over it... good luck

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