Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Men, how do you act in a relationship with a woman you really care for?

I'm dating someone who has stolen my heart. I try to show him that I care, but he's not verbally affectionate and shys away from much physical contact. However, he'll do little things like grab for my hand in public and always give me a hug and a peck before we part ways. Thing is, I'm confused by the amount of time we spend alone together....very rarely...

A male perspective would help me for this college romance. Thank you!Men, how do you act in a relationship with a woman you really care for?
dreamer you're probably his first real girlfriend,if so keep 茅m. ahhh... or right after you guys started seeing each other he came across a porn you were in, in that case f*ck 'em really good. dreamer hottie! he could be gay and usin you as a cover up or he hates women and he's playin the nice guy role in order to pimp you out to everything that could give you deseases, in that case get away fast. but always be careful. I personally am very very vary sexual, good looking (i'm a 10), and have been told I am a really great guy(the best), but I look so good i can't be trusted.( i'm faithful ).Men, how do you act in a relationship with a woman you really care for?
He may just be really nervous or have a problem showing affection because he did not grow up in a very affectionate home. You have been having this problem with him for a while and you need to address it with him. If you do not go to the same school distance could be an issue or he may not know how to trust. If he genuinely cares about you you will be able to tell and he will not want to lose you so he will make an effort to show you that you are wanted. Good luck!
You really should read the book ';He's just not that into you';. He doesn't want you, trust me. You'll save your self a lot of heartache if you just realize this. You probably deserve way better anyway.
he is a wuss.
I have my woman on a chain with just enough slack to get to the kitchen from the bedroom.

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