Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to train a 12 yr old to potty?

this child who is slow, has refused to poop in the toilet an does # 2 in his pants.

father and mother have tried it all. child is very protective by mother and has a close relationship with herHow to train a 12 yr old to potty?
I would think there would be no need to train him - he's 12 he should understand what to do by now - if not then maybe he needs to see a specialist instead of asking strangers.How to train a 12 yr old to potty?
What exactly could you do if the parents have tried everything?
If it's not your kid, it's not your business.

Thanks for the two points.
the father/mother should bathe him in cold water when he does #2 in his pants, trust it really works my nephew learned the hard way.
Punish him when he does the # 2
what does he do when in school?take him to doc. being over protective the mother might be somewhere responsible for this. Mother's love should put baby in correct manner not like this.
WOW. that is sad.
i think he should have learned this a LONG TIME AGO...
The mother should tell the child that if he does not do potty in the commode, unlike the elders, her mother will tell everyone about this and then they will call him names.She should make her child understand that she loves him and if he loves her too, he has to go to the toilet regularly and become a better child, thus making his mother happy.If the child still does not stop doing it in his pants,the mother must just stop talking to the child, until she obeys her.Else she should take her to any child psychiatrist, may be he needs any other help!
Well the mother being overprotective is not helpful. Shes making it worst so let her deal with it. Personally if it were my child I would punish them (even if its only verbal) when they went in their pants and reward him when he goes in the toilet.
that's sad but that was the way she/he was born.but you should give him/her a little punishment even if hes slow.trust me some slow people learned with punishment.

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