Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Idk what to do about this relationship?

Ive dated this girl off and on for four years. Every time we are around each other or talk, we immediately fall back into how we are when we date, we are immediately attracted to each other again and everything goes great. She lives 4 hours away and just recently visited me, we had a good time, everything went well, etc. Obviously its too much to ask to have an exclusive relationship 4 hours away I believe because of stress and the unhealthiness long distance causes, we both believe this. Yet we both admit to being in love with each other, and missing the relationship we had. Today we spoke and agreed that we could see other people and not get furious with each other, but she still wants to talk on a regular basis. Basically we agreed on a dont ask dont tell in regards to other people in our personal lives..although we both admitted we would be upset if we heard one of us did do something with someone else.. I just dont know what to think about this or how to approach it, its upsetting the hell out of me, yet I agree that I dont want to be a full time boyfriend with the responsibilities while she is 4 hours away because thats just not healthy.Idk what to do about this relationship?
Well I am in a long distance relationship with a guy who is 15 hours away. I see nothing unhealthy about it. I love him with all my heart and I know neither of us would do anything to hurt the other while we are away from each other. All I know is that I love him, and it is worth it for me to push through the time we have to spend apart because after college we might not have to be apart anymore. If you two are really in love that what good is it doing you to not be able to ';be with'; each other. As long as you can talk, and see each other every once in a while that it is so worth it to me. Did you guys try doing the long distance relationship. If not I would suggest trying it, and if you really cant do it then you cant do it. Just remember don't give up the second it gets to hard. Relationships are all about working through it. Good luck!

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