Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to bounce back from heartbreak?

Hi, i recently got led on by this boy and I really really really grew to like him,

but after a month he told me he didnt want me or a relationship, but that we were friends.

So i continued to talk to him, and apparently that annoyed him.

And he yelled at me and told me to never text him again.

so what should I do?

How do I get over him?

I still really like him, which makes me so angry, and i just don't know what to do.How to bounce back from heartbreak?
Aww i know how u feel. JUst go out with friends, hang out with new people, try to meet new guys. Im sad 2 cause im in a similar situation but u cant just sit around and be sad i mean its hard to get over someone but the best thing to do is just get your mind off him and im sure you will find another guy real soon who likes you for you.How to bounce back from heartbreak?
look for another guy who treats you right

he should not have yelled at you...hes a jerk

so just know that you are better than him and deserve better

and im sure you will find a good guy soon

hope i helped:)
It's a terrible thing to like someone that much...and then force yourself NOT to. This is a time when your brain and your heart are working against each other and...for a lack of better words...it can totally suck.


You must convince yourself that this guy is a cancer that must be removed completely, and only you can remove it. Find comfort and strength in friends and those you trust and love. Keep yourself constantly busy and try not to dwell on thinking about him or speaking his name. By all means, avoid him as much as you can (this includes texts). When you see him, don't make eye contact with him. He'll get the point that he's really upset you. The more attempt you make at trying to get his attention the more power he'll have over you...and you don't want that. You want to have total control over the situation and the next time you two speak, he'll be the one making the first move....and you can decide whether or not to talk to him.

Lastly, and please believe me, there will be other guys in your future...ones that will like you the way you like them. You'll look back at this boy and think to yourself, ';Why did I like him again?';

You often hear the quote - what doesn't kill makes us stronger.

A truer statement couldn't have been made.

Good luck!
Remove his number off your phone, and all your texts etc...

Delete anything to remind you of him, don't bring him up in conversation or anything,

I know it's hard but this kinda thing makes you realise how some guys really can be, think of how he treated you. And how's there is so many better guys out there.

He's not worth even the smallest thought after yelling at you and leading you on, you need to keep yourself busy working or learning and go out with friends and think of the kinda guy you want, your dream guy, not someone like him he could never of made you as happy as you deserved

Im sure you will find him one day,, just takes abit of Patience %26lt;3

Keep your chin up.

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