Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to stay clear from cheaters & how to know who's a cheater?

My point of view is this why do cheaters want to involved in a ';committed'; relationship but then have the urge to cheat? Might as well not be involved in a committed relationship or right when they think they want cheat they should just break up with the committed person.

So yeah how to stay clear from cheaters %26amp; how to know who's a cheater?How to stay clear from cheaters %26amp; how to know who's a cheater?
If they have a history of cheating or they flirt while in a relationship.How to stay clear from cheaters %26amp; how to know who's a cheater?
If only it were so simple. Yes ';players'; might be fairly easy to spot and avoid, but even people who fully believe themselves to be committed to a relationship can find themselves cheating down the line, circumstances can lead them there.

Depending on which survey you read, over half of both sexes cheat on a partner at some stage in their lives.
I'm afraid that requires having some life experience, the wisdom to listen to those that share their life experience in revealing the cheaters and wrong doers. It also requires a strong mid that can tell the heart to SHUT UP and know it will get what it needs rather than what it wants.

There are plenty of sites out there that detail cheaters habits, secrets, behave.
Im a big believer in ';if he cheats on you once he will cheat on you again';. But u also have to give guys the benefit of a doubt. Dont become a paranoid psyho. To me tr rules of a cheater are:

likes to party

has friends who are girls and are attractive who also have friends who are girls and are attractive.

Is away from you alot.

Is a womanizer.

Has a history of cheating.

To me those are biggys.
.Alas they don't wear signs or tell you up front they are likely to cheat, so it's just a risk you have to be willing to take...and hope for the best.
The only way is to talk to people he knows and start talking and If a person is a cheater it will come out sooner then later keep your ears open If they cheat once they will do it again.
I know that positive evidence that someone is cheating is the best proof but this hardly ever happens.

If a partner is cheating he or she will normally begin to treat you badly ( nag, nit pick, put you down, disrespect you etc). So if you find that this is happening begin to keep a look out. Look at phone bills to see numbers that are called all the time. Look out for other strange behaviour, unusual work hours or dressing better etc. There are tell tale signs.
Put 10 women in a room and 6 of them are cheaters(the other 4 are liars)..put 10 men in the room and 7.5 of them have cheated.

Those are the stats
you cant to know and you cant to find out until is very late...

unfortunately this is the one AND ONLY TRUTH

love is a risk....

and also is a risk....DONT taking risks...


keep on trying and someday with some luck...someone will prove you that not all fingers are same
Well you will know if he is a bad boy or not. For example, Does he party a lot? Drink a lot? Does he go out to the clubs? I just depends on how he acts. I know if the guy is not smart and he just wants one thing from you..than you want to stay away from him. Or you will get your self in trouble. So go for a guy that doesn't do the things I said above. The truth is that nice guys will never hurt you. :)
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