Tuesday, August 10, 2010

People say babies/children can complicate a relationship? how is this so?

I have read a couple of question posted on Y/A stating that the stresses and changes of a child in a relationship can break apart even the most stable relationships prior baby? is this true?

I don't really understand how this is possible a child is very bonding to the other person and if anything it would give the couple a bigger reason to stay together and work on the relationshipPeople say babies/children can complicate a relationship? how is this so?
Because when you have a child, you will change, and that can cause a stir in the relationship because things will be different. when you don't have kids, you don't have as much worries, when you have kids there are so many things to worry about it's unreal. Children are bonding, yes, but they can also turn a relationship sour at the same time.People say babies/children can complicate a relationship? how is this so?
It HAS brought me and my husband closer but I still agree that it can put stress into the relationship. Babies are a lot of work, and cause many new responsibilities, chores and SLEEP DEPRIVATION. Plus, everyone has their own opinions and values when it comes to raising children, so not only could you and your spouse disagree on some of the choices you make for your child, but you'll have his mother and entire family throwing in their opinions as well. Not that extended family members get to make decisions about your child, but it can still cause fights between you and your spouse. But overall, a strong couple will deal with these changes and become even closer.
More like it tests the stability of a relationship because you are under much more stress with babies/children.
Added stress.

Loss of sleep can cause you to argue over everything.

Difference in parenting that can't be compromised.

One parent feels the other isn't doing enough child care and becomes bitter.
It's strange how your relationship changes, you will never have that you and your partner time you had before, you've got to face that !!! its tiring and stressful and sometimes you feel like you never really do anything together anymore!! yet you have to compromise for this and go out whenever you can together !!! stay strong for each other and your children thats the best way!
i think it is because before you have the baby you have all your time for eachother but when you have the baby your main focus is on the baby before the relationship for me it made our relationship harder i think because we were both stressed out being new parents and lack of sleep and we didnt have very much time for eachother but after getting thrue the first couple months it made us stronger
having a child is a major life change. Having a newborn is an exciting time but also comes with stress. The lack of sleep, having someone else to be responsible, the new financial responsibility. All of those things and so much more can be hard of any relationship. It's normal for couples to have some issues after a baby is born, but you just have to be strong and work them out. It's all worth it in the end.
LOTS of stress. I agree that it created a new bond between me and my husband but there are times where I get so mad at him. Mainly for reasons that he doesn't have control over. For example, I get so mad that He can just get up and go to work with no worries in the world....But if i have to run errands i'm constantly worried about her and checking on her...It's almost like a jealousy, I'm the main caregiver so I feel more responsible for her than he is. I breastfeed so i'm the one up with her all night while he gets to lay there in bed.....I know it sounds silly and it's beyond his control but I can't help but to put some of my frustration on him.

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